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Alina of the Arena Free Download Repacklab

Alina of the Arena Free Download Repacklab Alina of the Arena’ is a roguelite deckbuilding tactics game that combines elements from ‘Slay the Spire’ and ‘Into the Breach’. Play as a gladiator that must fight for a bloodthirsty crowd to survive. With roguelite deckbuilding and hex-based tactics, players are no longer bound by simple attack and defense. Make use of dodges and knockbacks to stay alive! Dynamic Deckbuilding Pick up dozens of cards, keep the ones you need, and craft a unique deck as you fight your way through randomized levels that present a different challenge each run! Hex-based Tactics Unlike traditional deckbuilders that focus on attack and defense, the tactics element adds a dimension of positioning. Dupe your enemies into attacking each other, or use the terrain to gain an upper hand. sexy games

Alina of the Arena Free Download Repacklab

Dual Equipment System Carry equipment in both hands to enhance your cards! You can dual wield daggers for extra damage, go with a sword & shield combo for rounded performance, or wreak havoc with a two-handed weapon. Figure out the best combination for each fight! Roguelites are a very popular genre right now, and Alina of the Arena is the latest addition to this category. The game combines roguelite, trading cards, and a hexagon stage to battle on to keep things interesting. In this game, you play as a gladiator named Alina. You must defeat your enemies to survive. The game has both a beginner “Rookie” option, and a “brawler” version for harder gameplay. An interesting mix of iconic games Alina of the Arena combines aspects of popular games.

great card-based strategy rogue-lite

Alina of the Arena is a great card-based strategy rogue-lite. On first impression, it looks a little rough, but once you give it a chance it really splatters it’s gore-y fun all over you. Veterans of games like Slay the Spire will recognize a lot of the elements of Alina, but it’s different enough that it doesn’t feel like a copy & paste game, you know the ones. My short comment is a hard recommend for anyone who likes Card-Combat style games. Slay The Spire and Into the Breach. The game uses both the trading card aspect of Slay the Spire as well as the hex based attacks that require some puzzling and strategy. The result is a fairly interesting game that requires you to think carefully before making each move. Fortunately. Hellsplit: Arena

Alina of the Arena Free Download Repacklab

the game starts you off fairly gently with the Slave Arena to help get you oriented in how the game works. Art style is cohesive and unique. Enemies look gross and monstrous while also still being kind of cute? Game play is smooth and there’s no long animations or load screens really Brutal learning curve! (This is a good thing) Movement system adds a lot of depth to the ‘card-combat’ system Left and right weapons is also a surprisingly deep system. Sound effects are good and the cheering of the crowd gets you pretty hyped when you do pull off some cool combos. No spelling or translation errors in the English version that I noticed, since the Developer is from Taiwan.

The weapon system.

The weapon system. Because AotA pulls from STP I’m gonna use that here. In STP stat gains are extremely simple. STR increases damage and DEX increased defense. It can occasionally be interesting to break the game, but it’s super simple, sometimes too simple. In AotA, you can increase your damage 2 ways. Either A: upgrade your weapon. Or B: upgrade your stats using in-battle cards. It isn’t quite as simple as STP. You have a red and a blue weapon slot. You can use two 1 handed weapons or one 2 handed weapon. Weapons have their own attributes, stats, and some even have special attacks. But the interesting part is that your cards are colored. Red and blue. A weapon in the red slot will buff your red attacks. Same goes for blue. Jerez’s Arena 

Alina of the Arena Free Download Repacklab

Two handed weapons increase both, but usually give status effect cards that you have to deal with. BUT THEN you can throw in shields that do the same thing! It increased defense of the same color defense cards and they also have their own attacks. The weapon system brings so much to the game. The battlefield mechanic brings a lot of mileage to the table. Battles are extremely varied depending on where enemies spawn and what abilities and attacks your weapons have. I would like to see the environmental factors increased because I think they’re one of the strongest points of the game. It adds an element of strategy to find ways to stun enemies or light them on fire for extra damage or plow one enemy into another to get a stun on both. It’s a tactical experience that I really enjoy.

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The reason I’m hesitant to recommend Alina of the Arena is that it has so many systems going on that I feel it’s almost impossible for ANYONE to properly recommend it this early. That’s not to say it’s too hard, but rather that it has too many interconnecting points to fully understand yet which ones are strong and which are weak. Alina takes Slay the Spire’s purist deckbuilding and adds hex-based movement and colour-coded equipment. This may not sound like that much, but remember how complex Slay the Spire was even in early stages. Deckbuilding in any game with decent card variety already has a ton of depth to it; Alina’s deckbuilding isn’t as complex as Slay the Spire, but when you add on movement and equipment it becomes almost absurdly convoluted. Blackthorn Arena

Alina of the Arena Free Download Repacklab

Consider movement. You’re no longer just thinking about your deck’s structure, your passive items, and your enemy’s mechanics. You’re now also dealing with planning positioning, how to avoid being swarmed, how to knock enemies into each other, how to bait enemies into your AoE or avoid their upcoming AoE. You can swap places with enemies, place traps where you think they might go, or smash them into walls to stun them. Now consider equipment. Each card you have is colour coded to gain benefits from your main hand (red) and off hand (blue). You might get +1 damage on a sword, or +1 block on a shield. This means you should ideally be thinking not only about which cards you’ll draw next, but the benefits they’ll get from the colour of your weapon/shield.

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7, 10 64-bit
Memory: 2 GB RAM

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: OS X Catalina
Processor: 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel Iris Graphics 6100