Among Waifus 18+ Free Download

Among Waifus 18+ Free Download Repacklab

Among Waifus 18+ Free Download The game contains content intended for adult-only audience: nudity, imagery and animation of sexual acts. All character are over 18 year old. Among Waifus 18+ is a casual game with original puzzle mechanics based on runners. To experience the whole journey with our sexy girls you have to win a variety of levels by finding the escape of levels. Instead of controlling the character outright, you have to interact with the environment to move through the levels. Unlock the doors, avoid traps, and destroy your enemies before they do you damage. 10 sex scenes with Live2D animations! You will be able to interact with every girl. SEXY GAMES

Among Waifus 18+ Free Download Repacklab

Unique puzzle mechanic based on runners Dive deep into our girls’ personalities & go through the story together with them. All characters are over 18 years old, Steam opened its doors to games with lewd content. Unity offered tools like Live2D, which made one of the core features of visual novel development (visual scenes) ‘simpler’. The combination of these two things led to a verifiable barrage of gag porn games on Steam. Their quality can be self-inferred. There isn’t much to add about “Among Waifus 18+”, a title promising the high-brow standards of an Arkansas truck-stop. The animations I can best describe like  The two royalty-free music tracks quickly run their welcome after a few hours. The ‘aliens’, a blob of snakes, cords, globs and plasma, leave much to be desired. The gameplay is nothing revolutionary for mobile games.

Game’s Story

Your story will follow a spacefaring crew in the midst of a mission gone awry. Kara, the de-facto protagonist and Russian radio engineer, is warned of the ship’s problems by aeronautical engineer Samantha. (They have a neat friendship.) As the situation deteriorates, you meet your other crewmembers: the overly lustful Doc, the xenophobic Captain, and the bubbly pilot, Asti. The transliteration of Among Us from party game into a kind of space drama is one of the more interesting parts of the game; whether you’re laughing along or listening like a cheap soap opera, its pretty easy to fall into the crewmember’s shenanigans. I think that is the edge this game has. What caught my interest is how the game provides a passive capsule into a more modern Russian. Last Devil

Among Waifus 18+ Free Download Repacklab

perspective, free from Americanized stereotypes. It seems the galaxy provides delivery in a matter of seconds, but essential services are of months away; the ship remains constantly understaffed and under-monitored. The speed at which the alien force captures the ship is a sight to behold. Even in porn, the decay is ever present. The tale of Grandpa Mazai, is often referenced here. This tale about a family and his kin is about keeping close, and tending to, nature. But, for as often as the Old Man Mazai finds reference in this space horror, the author scrambles to find his own. For what I expected, “Among Waifus 18+” is leagues above Western shlock in moral and personal depth. These ‘explorers’ venture to a new planet

Among Waifus 18+ Sex Game

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Among Waifus 18+ Free Download Repacklab

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Steam Review

As an avid player of among us and consistent browser of r/amongusporn, this game is exactly what I have been searching for my entire life, which had only truly begun after among us was released. This beautiful masterpiece of a game has enticed me with among us anime waifus that could truly not be attained in any other form of media. To top it all off, the story shown in this game is very breathtaking and kept me involved throughout all of the chapters. The characters all have their own unique personalities, and were very realistic in all forms. Additionally, the gameplay keeps me intrigued and keeps me wanting more challenges and clever puzzles. Truly, I could not have asked for a better game. All in all, a perfect successor to the hit game Among Us. Naruto: Kunoichi Trainer

Among Waifus 18+ Free Download Repacklab

keeping the spirit of the challenging detective game by translating figuring out who is the deceiving imposter to discovering how to get past the marvelously designed levels. I see no better contender for game of the year. In fact, I believe this should be voted as the Greatest Game of All Time. From the bottom of my heart, I plead with you: Buy this game, and give it the respect and admiration that only it deserves. Some of the This leaves the B-movie story, for those playing with both hands. It is also here I suggest that you grab your nearest phrasebook and enable Russian translation. The game is written in Russian, and (loosely) translated to English; much of its meaning is sacrificed. If you are not a Russian speaker, well, at least you will learn some new things.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Among Waifus 18+: ARTBOOK

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Win 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i-3
Memory: 4096 MB RAM
Graphics: Gigabyte PCI-ex GeForce GT 710
Storage: 2 GB available space