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Aquarium Designer Free Download Repacklab

Aquarium Designer Free Download Repacklab Have you ever dreamed about your own aquarium? Do you already have one, but it’s not enough? Or maybe you want to test yourself before having the real fish tank? Aquarium Designer is a game for you! In Aquarium Designer you can design and create realistic fish tanks of various scales – from small fish tanks to large aquariums. Fill them with all the kinds of different aquatic species – angelfish, bettas, goldfish, and many, many more! Aquarium Designer creates an opportunity to make an ideal aquarium and behold your creation! In Aquarium Designer you design the aquariums for the customers and earn money to buy new elements to use in the future! Restaurants, hotels, offices, or even a rich businessman’s residence – every place can benefit from a colorful fish tank teeming of life! SEXY GAMES

Aquarium Designer Free Download Repacklab

Read the client’s design brief, choose the shape and size of the fish tank, then add all the necessary equipment – filters, water conditioners, and air pumps. Throw in some gravel, decorations, and fish and there it is – ready for use! The better you do the more money you earn! Every professional needs some time off! In Aquarium Designer you can enjoy creating your very own fish tank in two creative modes – Casual and Realistic. You can try different configurations and elements, but always remember about the future residents of your fish tank – that means the fish of course! Different species have different needs and require specific conditions. And if anything goes wrong, you can always try again – no animals will be harmed!

Aquarium Designer You can choose between two game modes

You can choose between two game modes; a campaign and a creative mode. Both modes are fun and offer their own unique gameplay, but they are still currently lacking in some areas. The campaign will see you taking emails from customers as well as your in-game uncle, picking out the right vegetation, heaters, filters, substrates and of course fish to complete the customer’s desired aquarium. It really is just a lot of slow-paced relaxed clicking and dragging, but it is rewarding nonetheless. Each campaign contract is “graded” out of 1000 points, which then helps you to level up. With every level unlocked, new fish species, plants, rocks and other fun accessories for your tanks become available. The closer to the contract you complete your aquarium. Pronty Fishy Adventure

Aquarium Designer Free Download Repacklab

the more points you’ll earn and the faster you’ll level up. You can even return to your completed contract tanks later down the line to tweak your designs to fully max out your points. It took around 2 hours of playtime to casually complete the campaign mode as well as reach level 10 and pick up any achievements along the way. The quirky emails from your uncle and the fun facts that come through along with your commissions are a fun little addition that definitely kept up my enthusiasm. Moving onto the creative mode, this is where things get interesting. You can choose between a casual sandbox mode or a realistic mode here. The casual is exactly as it is described—you are given free rein over a tank of your choosing, you don’t need to worry about water pH

The realistic mode has all of the benefits of casual

only with the added difficulty factor of pH balancing, temperature and water checks as well as monitoring your fish and plants to keep them alive—all of this happens when the game isn’t active too, to make the challenge a little harder like in real life.These modes are arguably Aquarium Designer’s magnum opus. With complete creative freedom, you’re given a blank slate to build your dream tank without the pressure of your uncle’s emails or worrying about whether your design is up to the customer’s standard. Aquarium Designer is without a doubt a relaxing game to sit down for a few hours and let your creativity out, but it isn’t without its small flaws and opportunities. As you inevitably unlock more fish species, you’ll begin to notice patterns in their behaviours. I am Fish

Aquarium Designer Free Download Repacklab

They all act the same. From your usually more solitary betta fish to your schooling tetras, each fish species is unique and this isn’t always reflected in Aquarium Designer. Don’t get me wrong, it’s realistic enough to keep the immersion, (aside from the odd time one of your fish will clip through a rock) but differentiating behaviours would be an excellent addition to an already fun simulator. temperature regulation nor do you need to keep an eye on your fish at all times. Here, you are the design master, and you can swap between any of your own tanks to tweak at any time.  The game is a lot of fun, and has good ideas. The visuals are beautiful. Most of the stories behind the jobs are fun, and seem like thought out situations.

This game is meant to be relaxing and creative.

The campaign, though short, is fun to play through and will get you some easy achievements. I would say that the campaign teaches you what you need to know for what I consider to be the meat and potatoes of this game, realism mode. It’s a very cool concept. You create and design your own unique tank, populate it with fish, and then care for them just as you would in real life. You need to make sure you feed them often, keep the tank clean, and swap out filters, when appropriate, to keep your little finny friends alive. found myself often popping the game onto my second monitor and leaving it running in observation mode while reading or doing other things. It gave me that same sense you get with a real fish tank. Borderlands 3 Designer’s Cut 

Aquarium Designer Free Download Repacklab

This may come as a shock to you, but Aquarium Designer features a campaign mode, and I have to admit, I wasn’t anticipating enjoying it as much as I have. Could there be more involved in the campaign mode? Sure, but what the campaign mode does well is introduce you to the concepts of design rather neatly. One of the early quests involves designing an aquarium to resemble a child’s drawing, and it proved a touch more challenging than I’d originally anticipated. The game’s real thrill occurs when you move into the more sandbox-style game and design aquariums to your own specifications. I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for being able to design the tank of my dreams while still living in a house that barely sustains the three fish tanks I have.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Sea Life Aquarium Designer and House Builder Ultimate Fishing Simulator & Aquarium Designer (Bundle) Nature Designer Steam Sub 641961

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 or newer
Sound Card: DirectX compatible

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Microsoft Windows 10