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BOXVR Free Download Repacklab

BOXVR Free Download Repacklab Features our most hardcore workouts to date choreographed to 18 brand new music tracks. Designed to give us back the fun we lost in exercise, BoxVR is the award-winning VR fitness game where you jab, weave and uppercut your way through workouts in time to adrenaline-pumping music. Beat Gym Boredom Over 20 hours of fun workouts, choreographed by leading fitness instructors specifically to destroy calories in the most entertaining way ever. Exercise for All Whatever your fitness level, you can put on your VR headset and immerse yourself in BoxVR and workout almost anywhere. Track your progress Every workout is recorded so you can see how many calories you burnt. Set your goal and see your progress day by day. SEXY GAMES

BOXVR Free Download Repacklab

Workout Music Variety From Rock to Pop, Dance to Hip Hop, train to over 150 different music tracks. Train with your music Want to box to Samba? Kpop? Maybe a bit of Ska? If you are in the mood for something a bit different then why not make your own workout? With our Workout Generator you can analyze your music and create workouts that satisfy your every musical mood. Probably the best VR workout game i have ever tried. It does not require full roomscale tracking, so even in smaller spaces it works fine, as long as you can slightly lean/step to each side and ofc have plenty of space infront of you to swing punches safely. Automatic mapping. It’s just… amazing. It feels completely designed, and even responds fantastically to songs that have different tempos throughout

BoxVR is essentially a pure fitness cardio boxing game

For those unfamiliar, BoxVR is essentially a pure fitness cardio boxing game where the sole gameplay is based around punching pink and blue targets, blocking, and avoiding barriers by either squatting or dodging left or right. It doesn’t try to be anything more than this, and there are no gameplay gimmicks to make you think you’re doing anything other than fitness boxing. It is, however, one of the only VR games that gets fitness boxing right. It boasts curated workout playlists designed by real fitness instructors and a boppin’ soundtrack that you’ll want to listen to well after you’ve finished your workout. BoxVR is an intense fitness game. This is why it’s important to find a play area that’s clear of all obstacles before you begin working out. Holodexxx Home VR

BOXVR Free Download Repacklab

An available play area of 6.5 x 6.5 feet is recommended for most PC VR and Oculus Quest games, meanwhile you should stand in a space that’s far enough behind your television screen (when playing on PSVR) to where you won’t accidentally smash your hand into it. Note that you’ll probably be sweating a ton in a single session of BoxVR, meaning that you should at least install a VR Cover to your headset or wear a sweatband that’ll soak up all the excess sweat. If you’re playing on an Oculus Quest or Rift S, you might want to use the built-in audio rather than inundate yourself with external earphones. As per usual, you’ll want to stay hydrated at all times. Right off the bat, BoxVR is liable to get your heart pumping.

The beat mapping works pretty well in terms of tempo

of your songs and on some of them it really is in tune with the rhythm. It’s impressive since I really love hip hop and I wouldn’t consider Migos, Kanye West, Gucci Mane, and other rappers like that to be the main music that Vive/Rift owners listen to. So the other alternative Soundboxing may not have the songs I like mapped out to box to (I haven’t tried it because I typically see pop music or EDM in the gameplay and I don’t like that type of music at all). Well in BoxVR I don’t need to worry about it. BoxVR has it’s own algorithm that maps out your beats like Audioshield. Audioshield is enjoyable, but doesn’t quite have the same effect as BoxVR since I really enjoying punching more than moving my hands around with the shields. Fruit Ninja VR 

BOXVR Free Download Repacklab

Not to diss either game since I think they are both great, and I own both of them. Anyways, this is a good game for a quick work out or to just punch dance your rage out to your favorite songs! I really am glad I purchased this. From a 25 minute session I already am sore the next day in my shoulders and from the squats, not a ton, but I work in a cubicle and am not too active so it’s actually a fun way for me to get some light cardio workout while listening to songs I enjoy! I’ve seen my heart rate reach highs of 190+ BPM during extremely long workouts in the game, and that’s generally because every moment is packed with something else to throw your hands at or duck away from. BoxVR is still the best fitness-focused rhythm boxing game around.

The gameplay

is absolutely sublime; balls of different colours will come at you at varying speeds, coordinated with music. Some balls will have an arrow, either on a side or underneath, which indicate from which direction you need to hit them, and with which hand. So get ready to punch, jab and give your best uppercuts! You will have to block incoming objects, as well as squatting and ducking overhead bars. The other aspect I like about BOXVR is the leader board, which will definitely push you do a good workout in order to grab the top spot, if that’s your motivation. Plus, hitting a ball with more intensity will get you more points. Keep up your hitting streak and you’ll earn extra multiplier points. There’s plenty to challenge you and have a great workout! Swordsman VR

BOXVR Free Download Repacklab

Personally, I find this game very fluid; I tried several workouts, including the endurance, and I was buggered and dripping with sweat by the end of it! The funny part is that my 65 year-old mother gave it a go and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Then my wife hijacked my computer for a little try. Fifty minutes later, her checks were bright red – we decided to have a session once a day as part of our daily routine. Yes, BOXVR will give you a seriously good workout! You can even set a daily goal of how many calories you wish to burn. You can use it to prep yourself for tougher games, and it effortlessly fits into a real fitness boxing workout routine. Also, there’s not much friction to speak of with BoxVR. It’s very easy to throw on an Oculus Quest and jump right into a BoxVR workout and right back out once you’re finished.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Extreme Pack Essentials Pack VR Fitness Bundle Steam Sub 305597 Steam Sub 181175 Steam Sub 322267

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 SP1 or newer
Processor: Intel® i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350 equivalent or greater
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 970 / AMD Radeon™ R9 290 equivalent or greater
Storage: 900 MB available space