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Cold Waters Free Download Repacklab

Cold Waters Free Download Repacklab After tracking a Soviet landing force bound for Iceland it is time to plan your attack. Do you silently close in to torpedo the landing ships and escape during the resulting chaos? Or strike with long-range missiles but risk counterattack from the enemy escorts? Have you detected them all, could another submarine be out there listening for you? Has the hunter become the hunted? Will you survive the Cold Waters? Inspired by the 1988 classic “Red Storm Rising”, command a nuclear submarine in a desperate attempt to prevent “mutually assured destruction” when the Cold War gets hot and WWIII begins. You will be tasked with intercepting convoys, amphibious landings, insertion missions and battling it out with enemy warships, submarines and aircraft. SEXY GAMES

Cold Waters Free Download Repacklab

Thankfully, an arsenal of wire-guided torpedoes, anti-ship and cruise missiles and the occasional SEAL team are on board to keep the Iron Curtain at bay. Real-time naval combat Over 40 classes of ships and submarines all meticulously researched Dynamic Campaign where your performance matters Realistic sonar model Authentic Soviet combat tactics, The campaign is the central part of the game and is in two parts. Part 1 is to be given your mission and go to the area on the map that it requires. There, a fleet of ships or submarines (or both) will encounter you and you will soon be in part 2. Part 2 involves a 3D simulation of Submarines (some are your choice) and weapons and opponents. There is a lot to learn about Subs and their weapons.

It puts you in charge of a single US submarine hunting down Soviet naval vessels

t puts you in charge of a single US submarine hunting down Soviet naval vessels while remaining undetected yourself. Once you’ve located them using a combination of sonar, radar and visual confirmation, you take them out using missiles and torpedoes. That might sound simplistic, but ‘focussed’ is a probably better word. Your goals are relatively straightforward—although there is a bit of variation in the campaign missions—but this is more about doing one thing really well. Or in my case, doing it well enough that my sub doesn’t turn into an underwater death cupboard. The simplicity is reflected in the presentation. The UI is clean, information is presented to you directly, and there’s no pretense to make it look or feel like you’re inside a submarine. Staxel

Cold Waters Free Download Repacklab

(which could be a positive or a negative, depending on your experience of Cold War submersibles). I appreciated the intelligibility, but it can be a bit sparse. There are no tooltips, either, so you’ll need to read the manual to fully understand everything. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game where I needed the tutorial more. Even if you’re just fighting two other vessels, there’s loads to think about—can they see me? Where did the last torpedo I fired go? What happens when I accidentally shoot a whale?—so it’s useful to have focus. To this end, the more technical elements are refined so make the information easier to parse. Instead of deciphering radars and triangulating positions, the relevant information is given to you once you’ve performed the correct actions.

Two campaigns included, both are dynamic

Two campaigns included, both are dynamic, one set in 1984 and one set in 1967. The campaign map is pretty much straight out of the 1988 game. You “drive” your sub around the map where you will see enemy surface and sub surface contacts as they are detected by satellite, maritime patrol aircraft or SOSUS (contrary to what another review here says, SOSUS is present and modelled in the campaign map). Bear in mind the Soviets also have satellites and maritime patrol aircraft, if they detect you then they will vector ASW assets to your location. You can drive around at normal speed, which is deep 25 knots. This will mean your sonar performance is degraded, you are easier to detect and once you make contact you’re likely to be much closer to the enemy. New World

Cold Waters Free Download Repacklab

You can drive around at slower speed shallow 10 knots which gives you a better detection range and you will start engagements further from the enemy. This isn’t so great when you’re chasing down a surface group though. Finally you can sit still on the map, shallow at 5 knots, have the best detection range and start the engagement at the longest range. Note that there doesn’t appear to be any NATO units in the game, so you never see friendly units, only Soviets and maybe some biologicals. Campaign missions I’ve had so far are stuff like intercepting Soviet SSKs inserting special forces behind NATO lines, inserting SEALs behind Soviet lines, intercepting amphibious task groups, intercepting diesel or cruise missile submarine wolf packs, interdicting submarine replenishment tenders.

Cold Waters The complexity level of the simulation

The complexity level of the simulation in the background is obviously very comprehensive with lots of detail in the AI doctrine, sonar modelling, weapon modelling, damage modelling etc. The game is VERY accessable, easy to pick up and start playing. But learning the tactics and procedures to be effective is difficult if you have never been exposed to this before, instead of getting frustrated though, get in touch with the community either on Steam or Subsim and you will normally get a helpful response. I also highly recommend watching Cold Waters YouTube videos made by Jive Turkey  The game comes with two campaigns, one in 1968 and one in 1984. This is a great way to present game content as each campaign required you to behave totally differently to the other. Breakwaters

Cold Waters Free Download Repacklab

In the 1968 campaign it is still the era of the straight running torpedo for the US side and the need for, getting close, making torpedo spreads and accurate solutions are a must. Whereas the 1984 campaign has more guided long range ordenance, requiring a totally different set of tactics to get kills and to survive. The campaigns are dynamic in the way that they work with a heavy layer of abstraction built it. The player follows along with the war effort completing the assigned missions, which will add weighting to the overall outcome. Each different missions type is weighted to how much effect it has on the war. Dropping Spec Ops teams to the coast, or firing a cruise missile salvo will have a lasting effect on the operations of the bases they are made against.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Soundtrack Steam Sub 133041 Complimentary reviewer package

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Processor: Intel Atom
Memory: 2 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 2 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: 7
Processor: Core i5
Memory: 4 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 4 GB available space