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Duck Season Free Download Repacklab

Duck Season Free Download Repacklab The full VR game, completely playable on your traditional monitor without the need of a VR setup. Plus additional new hunting game types! It is Summer 1988 and your mom has just rented the coolest new game for your Kingbit Entertainment System. As you play over the course of the day it becomes apparent something is different about this game than the other games you own. Duck Season is a throwback to the golden age of 1980’s gaming and movies with a hint of horror in a Spielberg-ian universe. A first person experimental narrative uncovering a story with multiple branches. Re-live a slice of childhood as you transported to an eerily familiar memory and play out the dark story that unfolds over a single day/night as your imagination takes over. sexy games

Duck Season Free Download Repacklab

In-between sessions of hunting ducks, players are encouraged to dive deeper into the lore of that fateful day by examining their surroundings and piecing together the mysterious clues that change over the in-game day. Experimental storytelling and high visual fidelity bring the day to life as you dig into and uncover the oddities surrounding the cursed Duck Season cartridge… Multiple new hunting game types Seven unique endings Seven Light-Gun mini games to play on your Kingbit Entertainment System Dozens of Easter eggs and hidden secrets Realistic virtual environments Multiple short films found on VHS tapes Additional mysterious sub plots Your mom returns home from the grocery store and to your surprise she has rented the game you’ve been wanting to play for months.

Duck Season A living room time warp to the 1980s

We were initially intrigued by Duck Season because we’d seen the duck shooting gallery and assumed that it would be a blast. A wonderfully fun way to relive a gaming classic from our youth. So we were pleasantly surprised when we realised just how much more Duck Season has to offer. Starting up the game you’re thrown back in time into 1988, right into the body of a small boy who’s just become the proud owner of the new Kingbit Entertainment System. Standing in his living room, you’re surrounded by a multitude of Easter eggs and interactive items that are sure to fill you with nostalgic joy. There’s all sorts here, including the main focus of the action – the fuzzy old tube television that’s the hub of the living room and where the good times happen. Hunting Simulator 2

Duck Season Free Download Repacklab

Various videotapes are scattered about the room that you can put into the VHS player, too, including amusingly styled trailers and hilarious adverts from the era. Other items in the room can also be grabbed, prodded and tossed around, including everything from light snacks to magazines, toys, picture frames and more. But the real interest lies in the multitude of playable 8-bit games scattered about the room. These classically styled cartridges are a relic of an older age of gaming that most modern kids wouldn’t even know what to do with – but we did. We grabbed a few and started stuffing them into the Kingbit gaming machine. Duck Season. As you play over the course of the day, it becomes apparent something is different about this game as strange and spooky events begin to unfold.

Let the duck hunting begin…

The real fun begins when you blow off the dust and insert the Duck Season cartridge into the Kingbit Entertainment System. Doing so throws you into a virtually recreated marshland with a pump-action shotgun and a whole lotta duck killing to be done. This shotgun needs to be pumped, reloaded and carefully aimed if you want to succeed. The mechanics are satisfying which makes it a treat to play. One hand on the pump, the other on the trigger, you have to use both to aim if you want the shot to land on target, then it’s simply a case of shooting ducks out of the sky as they fly by. Each level of Duck Season is split into waves and you need to hit a certain number of ducks in order to win. Missing too many means you lose, so the key is to have a steady hand and a careful aim. Predator: Hunting Grounds

Duck Season Free Download Repacklab

Each duck flies across the sky, then usually bounces off an invisible wall and back the other way before disappearing off into the ether. As the levels progress the ducks move more swiftly and disappear at greater speed too. Initially, it’s easy to miss – not because the tracking is off, just because aiming both hands and lining up an in-flight target can be tricky. Once you get the hang of it though it’s far easier to hit the ducks even when they start passing more quickly and in greater numbers. When you do, a dog pops up from the reeds to help you celebrate. We couldn’t resist popping off a few shots at him too… which might have been our undoing later on. The ducks you’ve hit pile up in the back of a truck next to you, though what they’re used for or why you’ll need that many is beyond us.

More than just shooting ducks

Each time you complete a level of Duck Season the living room changes slightly with new games and tapes often appearing. After a few levels, we began to notice a storyline unfolding which showed there was much more to Duck Season proper than just a bunch of mini-games within a game. One moment the dog from the cartridge game was lurking outside the patio windows, in the next we turned in horror to find our virtual mother apparently murdered on the kitchen floor. Things were suddenly turning sinister and the game piqued our interest once more. After you’ve played a few levels of Duck Season it’s easy to become worried that it’s all getting a bit repetitive and dull. There’s only so many ducks you can shoot and keep on shooting. Distant Worlds 2

Duck Season Free Download Repacklab

This storyline that starts to evolve in the “real-world” adds a new level of intrigue that made us want to keep on playing to find out what happens. We don’t want to say much for fear of spoiling it, but it’s apparent that there are multiple endings and a pretty enjoyable storyline that’s as interesting as it is sinister. Certainly not how we remember the 80s, but a great addition to an already fantastic game that keeps you playing. How you play the game influences what happens in the storyline and what you see when you finish the levels, as well as the end result. Sometimes there’s a happy ending, sometimes it’s a much darker experience. Once you’ve finished the story or even in-between, there’s the ability to play Duck Season in arcade mode.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Steam Sub 219058

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 64bit
Processor: Dual Core 2.0ghz or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GTX 260 or newer
Storage: 8 GB available space