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I Am Alive Free Download Repacklab

I Am Alive Free Download After having conquered hundreds of thousands of die-hard survival enthusiasts and fans of dark post-apocalyptic fictions on consoles, I Am Alive, the ground-breaking survival adventure game is finally coming to PC digital platforms. I Am Alive casts the player as a lone survivor in a believable, dark and insecure post-apocalyptic world. One year after the Event, a worldwide cataclysmic event that wiped most of the human race, a man struggles for survival in a desolate city as he tries to reunite with his long lost wife and daughter. More ways to experience survival. The new Easy mode provides infinite retries and a slightly softer, more forgiving introduction to I Am Alive. With the Replay mode, go back and replay any level any time to uncover more secrets, alternate path. SEXY GAMES

I Am Alive Free Download Repacklab

and hidden resources. Explore the dark, atmospheric post-apocalyptic world in higher resolutions and sharper graphics, with fully customizable graphics settings. Fully configurable mouse, keyboard and game pad support to play the way you like. Explore the destroyed city. Find your way in murky streets covered in toxic dust and rubble. Climb the ruins of the last standing skyscrapers to find the few last unspoiled resources. Watch out for survivors – some are friendly and need assistance, some are scared, most are outright hostile and use group tactics to hunt you down. Intimidation-based combat Combat is deadly and ammo is scarce. Use deception to deal with groups of enemies while trying to keep your precious few bullets.


I Am Alive is set one year after America has gone through a massive disaster known simply as “The Event,” which included earthquakes that destroyed most cities. Due to the damage of the aftermath, many people are forced to go without resources. The government tries to help citizens, but their attempts are useless. Supplies become low and this causes citizens to become agitated, violent and bitter. The story of I Am Alive is told In medias res. The Protagonist, a character who is never referenced by name, has presumably arrived to his destination. His wife, Julie, is surrounded by his possessions: His backpack, Machete, a doll, and camera. When she begins the video, the Protagonist has begun chronicling his journey back to Haventon. Warhammer Age of Sigmar Tempestfall

I Am Alive Free Download Repacklab

When the Protagonist reaches their apartment, he finds his wife and daughter left a year before his arrival to get to safety and meanwhile video tapes his apology for not being there and says that he will do everything to find them. As he is leaving, the Protagonist sees a small girl who he mistakes for his daughter and saves her from three hostile men. The girl, Mei, is missing her mother and gives the protagonist a walkie-talkie with which he talks to Henry, a friend of Mei. Henry asks him to bring Mei to him and he agrees. The Protagonist and Mei travel out to Henry’s apartment, but soon stop in a dilapidated mall to rest during a dust storm. but watch out for the toughest ones – they may call your bluff.


The player controls the main character from a third person perspective during navigation, the camera switches to first-person when aiming and shooting. During encounters with hostile survivors, the player can use various tactics to stay alive, including using bluff and intimidation e.g. pointing an empty gun at hostile non-playable characters, sneaking to surprise enemies with a machete quick kill, or performing stealth kills with a bow. The game has an emphasis on climbing and exploration. The player will scale wrecked buildings and navigate hazardous areas. Every effort has a cost and, when engaging in physically demanding activities, such as climbing or jumping, it is critical to manage the main character’s stamina for him to survive. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified 

I Am Alive Free Download Repacklab

By managing stamina skillfully players are rewarded by accessing hidden paths, resources and other survivors. Gameplay also involves collecting hidden resources and supplies scattered throughout the city: water, food, gas, medicine, cigarettes, tools, climbing gear, weapons, and ammunition. Anything that the player can salvage from the destroyed city can be used to keep the main characters strong and healthy, or prove helpful in his quest by allowing him to rescue survivors. Retries can be collected throughout the game by helping or rescuing people, with optional side quests to complete. Please note that as of November 19th, 2018, the online features for this game are no longer supported. The Multiplayer mode / Co-op mode will no longer be accessible.

I Am Alive Protagonist

The unnamed Protagonist is a character in I Am Alive. He is the central figure and a survivor of the game. Described as an “everyman”, separated from his wife and child, the protagonist searches the ruined city of Haventon in the hopes of finding them. Prior to The Event, the protagonist was away on the east coast when he suffered an injury that required rehabilitation. When The Event hit the country, he nursed himself back to health, before undertaking the year long journey, on foot, across the United States to return to his hometown of Haventon. When he reaches the apartment, his wife and child are nowhere to be found. A letter dating back to May 23 of last year informs him that they were trying to escape the inner-city before the ash cloud and earthquakes that rocked the city Pronty Fishy Adventure

I Am Alive Free Download Repacklab

Shortly thereafter he encounters a little girl on the street and mistakenly believes she is Mary. He pursues her into an alley where she is cornered by group of thugs. Acting quickly, he kills the thugs and coaxes the girl out of hiding with his video camera. Mei introduces herself and the Protagonist forms a paternal bond with her; as Mei is roughly the same age as his daughter, the Protagonist admits in a video that she reminds him a lot of “their Mary”. When he realizes that she is running a fever, he travels outside of the mall to retrieve medicine to bring down her fever. Scaling the ruined buildings, he manages to acquire the medicine needed and returns to the mall. After allowing her to rest, they resume traveling and venture below the city into the subway system.

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Arcade Bundle VMC BigFoot Test Comp Ubisoft Public Complimentary

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows® XP SP3, Windows® Vista SP1 and Windows® 7
Processor: AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 3800+ / Intel® Pentium 4 630
Memory: 1024MB (Windows® XP), 2048MB (Windows® Vista or 7)
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2600XT
DirectX®: 9.0c
Hard Drive: 2GB
Sound: Any DirectX Compatible DirectX®: 9.0c

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system