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Jump King Free Download Repacklab

Jump King Free Download Tactical Leaping Adventure – Jump King: There is a Smoking Hot Babe at the Top!” is a platforming challenge about struggling upwards in search of the legendary Smoking Hot Babe! You are alone on this adventure, and to reach the top you will need to master the technique of jumping. Just try to remember that with each fall there is a lesson to be learned… Prepare for true high-stakes platforming, where you have to use your mind to triumph! On your vertical adventure tension will rise with each jump, even though you cannot die! The reason is that a single missed jump could lead to a long fall, and once you have fallen you have to get back up again yourself… The mechanics are simple: hold to charge the height of each jump and release to leap away! Repacklab.com sexy games

Jump King Free Download Repacklab

Despite its simplicity it will take much practice to master. You will have to consider each situation carefully before you jump, because once you are in the air there is no way to turn back! Leap through an intriguing world and meet curious characters along your way. Hand-drawn backgrounds and distinct animations paint a rare picture, while the blend of retro sfx, beautiful arrangements and high definition ambiences give a peculiar atmosphere – thanks to composers/sound designers Nils Eklöf and Elias Thörnlund. Do you have the guts to take that jump? The last hour led to this point, now everything is on the line! Will you get that Babe? Will you reach the Top? Do you think you have what it takes to defeat this game!?

Jump King Gameplay

The game puts the player in the boots of the hero, and Jump King has a smaller story; namely, the player is told that “there is a very hot guy at the top,” which acts as a motivator to climb up. The player controls the game character in 2D mode, where the goal is to jump higher and higher by jumping from level to level. The game character’s control mechanisms make the game unique; you can’t just run and jump like you would in normal platforming. The jumps must be loaded and controlled, and the character cannot be controlled in the air. Despite its simplicity, this unique way of controlling is at the same time the biggest challenge of the game. The jump should load just right, and the character needs to stand in just the right place. Unknown Woods

Jump King Free Download Repacklab

In Jump King, the game character does not suffer a fall damage. The challenge of the game is based on the timing of the jumps and the failure to fall back on it. The character may even fall to the bottom of the entire playing field if there is no level below the level during the fall. The man himself. Jump King is a knight who is wearing a red cape, leather boots, leather gloves and light blue/gold armor which covers his body from his knees up to his head. No face is visible through his helmet. Learn to love and hate the curious characters that you meet on your journey through this mysterious vertical world. Classic graphics – snappy animations, Painstakingly hand drawn backgrounds, Incredible OST by Thörnlund & Eklöf Sound, High-definition ambiences.

Ghost of the Babe

Investigate the mystery of the Ghost of the Babe in the twisted third chapter of the legendary struggle. The desolate land past Philosopher’s Forest is unlike anything seen before… With only a faint ghostly presence remaining, what is left to jump for? You didn’t do it for her, did you? It is recommended to finish the original game before attempting the expansions.  ”How amusing, he approaches without shaking…” The world at the end of the Imp’s hidden path seems familiar, yet everything is different… Prove that you really deserve the title of Jump King in the intense second chapter! The last hour led to this jump, everything is on the line! Will you get the Babe? Will you reach the Top? Do you think you have what it takes to defeat this game!? Wandersong

Jump King Free Download Repacklab

Cleverly designed maps that isn’t just randomly placed platforms, Controls are simple but very hard to master, The game throws a handful of environmental hazards in different areas to spice things up, Pacing is good, teaching you different kinds of jumps and how to recognize them, Secrets to find that unlock a handful of cosmetic items, Its a fair game, every mistake that you make is on you, Every area that you progress to is distinctively different and pleasant to look at, 2 other maps if you manage to complete the first one (New Babe+ and Ghost of the Babe), The music is very calming and sets the atmosphere for each area.

Map Design

The game continues to expand its difficultly with environmental hazards that will change the way you play, from ice physics to strong winds. This ensures the game doesn’t get stale and mixes things up for the player just enough to make the player dread what’s coming up next or wonder how the game can get any harder. Falling is inevitable, considering how difficult this game is you’ll probably be falling a lot. However, there are areas that guarantee you won’t fall further which I like to call safety nets. These safety nets give you a sense of relief that if you fall you can’t lose anymore progress up to that point. However, some of them lead with another jump that, if you mess up, will make you fall to the next safety net several screens down. Even if you’ve made the jump a thousand times before, the frustration might be enough to make you rush the jump and consequently make you fall. A Dance of Fire and Ice

Jump King Free Download Repacklab

It’s cleverly designed to give you a chance to redeem yourself and forces you to try and keep your composure. Another way that the map design shows a level of care and thought went into it is the way that the platforms are placed. In some instances, if you miss a jump and fall you’ll land on a small platform or ledge instead of back down to the safety net. This shows that these maps weren’t designed by mindlessly placing platforms but instead placing platforms in such a way that they can potentially save you from falling further. The controls are very simplistic but hard to master, holding the jump button for 2 seconds or more will force you to jump the highest and furthest. Letting go of the button anytime before then will your jump shorter depending on how long you hold it for.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Steam Sub 354704 complimentary reviewer package

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Dual Core 2.4 GhZ
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Storage: 1700 MB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system