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KoboldKare Free Download Repacklab

KoboldKare Free Download Repacklab KoboldKare contains fictional characters participating in sexually explicit behavior. Nudity, breast expansion, abdominal bulges, and other fetishes are predominantly featured through gameplay. KoboldKare also contains cartoony depictions of death through “gibbing”. KoboldKare is a multiplayer farming simulator, but instead of making produce you’re making naked Kobolds! It’s an FPS where there is bhopping, surfing, trimping, and also sex. Grow your farm by making Kobolds, doing services, and selling product. Improve your farm, buy lewd equipment, and interact with the town denizens. KoboldKare is a DRM-free early-access game made for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers with the following features. SEXY GAMES

KoboldKare Free Download Repacklab

A Quake/CS:S movement inspired movement system. Bunnyhop and trimp off of rocks for maximum height, speed-forage the forest with record time. A basic chemical system that lets you mix basic chems and feed them to Kobolds. You can grow only one type of Kobold, but they’re capable of being either sex with random stats and proportions! There’s a forest that spawns fruit each day, grab them before dawn before they respawn! You can sell both Kobolds, eggs, and produce for cash! Play with an extremely detailed sex penetration system, which includes deformations/knot forces/strands… You can visit several stores in the city which is where you can buy supplies for your farm. Things like machines, eggs, buckets, or pouches to upgrade your grab limit.

KoboldKare The grabbing system alone is such a great concept, you can even grab yourself!

Do you understand how grabbing your own ragdoll makes an amazing feature to have your character have body movements no other game has? AND in multiplayer? This is the feature I want noticed and worked way more~ The ability to shape your own ragdoll in the free view, in real time, multiplayer Working multiplayer! Manage a farm with your friends, or have sex with 8-16 other players online Multiplayer is up and running and it’s great. Very stable, ragdolls sync perfectly. Direly needs a chat window tho. The ragdolls! Really amazing! With the ability to grab each part, rotate, distance and anchor in place! Nailed the Gmod control amazingly! Your own ability to become ragdoll! It’s so much fun in multiplayer! The Imperial Gatekeeper

KoboldKare Free Download Repacklab

The cameras! Yes! The 4 camera buttons work amazingly! To view from first person, shoulderview, a free look! and a fourth key to bind the freelook into your character! The potion system! It’s like an answered prayer from the lack of potion content elsewhere. Combinations and features, and the grind to make them is fun! The fast movement speed and jumping is amazing for the huge free roam map it has! Such freedom. Then, there’s the slow movement speed and crouching~ it could use some tweaking but it’s really good to have them exist for confined spaces. Actually, all keys should have a TOGGLE version. Toggle crouch, toggle ragdoll, toggle slow walk! The game does include an extremely fluent mechanic of bunny hopping and surfing.

There are many different ways to manipulate the kobolds in different ways and its really really well made and its fun too!

There is no shame in playing games like this since we are all just humans and we all masturbate or want to have a bit of fun while playing games, i feel like there should be more adult games out there that reach such quality. Also i heard they gonna add multiplayer, thats awesome, i am so excited and i hope its being more developed! Yep game is still really nice, improvements and all coming down fast. Now there are sex animations and ball growth and depending on how big or full the balls are the more the kobold’s jizz. Also the meshing is better and improved! So if you like that kind of fetish (inflation, expansion, weight gain) its the game for you One of my favorite things about this game is how much it caters to various niches even in its early access state. Bastard UNCENSORED

KoboldKare Free Download Repacklab

The growth mechanic in the game allows for players to make macro and hyper characters, and the in-depth physics system allows for a number of interactions with the NPCs. In addition, the game has a very unique and quirky personality. Features like bunny-hopping and dynamic fluids give KoboldKare a really charming personality. the current physics-based sex animations cause characters to clip and distort in unpredictable ways. The development history for the game is also one of its biggest flaws. When I first bought the game the map was entirely different, and the fluid containers called ‘sprayers’ were the only ways to transport liquids. At some point in development, a new map was implemented, the sprayers were replaced by buckets and watering cansand many other changes were added to the game.

the game has pretty good functionality. Overall things work like they should.

except for saving, which is due to frequent updates. This is a good thing to me though, as the developer is constantly updating, improving, and often responding to feedback and bugs daily. This alone lets me overlook some of the other features like saving that don’t quite work yet. This game also has so much potential. There are not many furry games that I know of that have the range of freedom and possibilities that this game could have. If this review sounds like I’m sucking up to the game, I kinda am. I really wanna see it do well. Also very hot. In the current version, fluid transportation is virtually impossible and the new map is a fraction of the size of the original. At first I didn’t mind these changes. After all, KoboldKare is very early access and the developers are only a team of two. Life in Middle East

KoboldKare Free Download Repacklab

it feels so satisfying zooming across the map at insanely high speeds. The mechanics for intimacy and breeding are janky, but they fulfill the purpose they were created for. Something I really like about it is the ability to grow a kobold based on the concotions (raegents, potions, drinks, whatever), however this system is flawed and I will explain later. The ragdoll physics and placement (similar to source games) is also really fun to play around with, definitely a good time killer. Very goofy but horny game. Only get if you are into sex, goofy animation, kobolds, lgbtq+, furry, farming and a few extras bits. A strange, whimsical mix of sex, adorable lizards, seedy underground shop clerks, farming and the grim lizard reaper coming to steal your soul in the dead of night if you’re caught outdoors like the bad ‘bold you are.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Steam Sub 372413

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows
Processor: AMD 5 2500/Intel i5-7200
Graphics: GeForce 940MX
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 2 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X/Intel i7-8700K
Graphics: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
DirectX: Version 12
Storage: 2 GB available space