Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword Free Download

Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword Free Download Repacklab

The standalone expansion for Mount & Blade! With Fire & Sword builds and expands upon the highly regarded combat system from Mount & Blade: Warband. Firearms have been introduced to the battlefield. In an open sand box world you choose your allies, your enemies, what provinces to conquer, what castles to siege and what quests to embark on. With Fire & Sword builds and expands upon the highly regarded combat system from Mount & Blade: Warband. Firearms have been introduced to the battlefield. Additionally, muskets and pistols can now be used as sidearms in hand-to-hand combat to quickly drop your foes. In addition to the enhanced singleplayer mode, With Fire & Sword also provides a host of original multiplayer content including the new game mode: Captain. SEXY GAMES

Mount & Blade With Fire and Sword Free Download Repacklab

A storyline based on the cult novel, “With Fire and Sword”, from Nobel-prize winning author Henryk Sienkiewicz. A new century of warfare that brings pistols, muskets, grenades, and other advanced weaponry to the battlefield. Fully customizable armies; players can outfit their soldiers with each piece of weaponry & armor. Additional quest types. More political intrigue with colorful factions. More adventure in a new land. Multiple endings to increase re-playability. Deeply researched historical component encompassing every aspect of the game’s assets. Ferocious new multiplayer action, bringing players the thrill of pitting old technology against the looming threat of firearms. 3 Main Story-driven quest-lines for the player to delve into once they’ve become known in a particular faction.


The game is similar to its predecessors, and involves quests, earning trust, and gathering an army of followers. Unlike the original games, which are open-ended in nature, With Fire & Sword offers main questlines for the Cossack, Polish, and Muscovite factions. Perhaps the biggest change from the previous games is the addition of firearms, which are consistent for the historical time period in which With Fire & Sword is set. Firearms deal heavy damage, but take a long time to reload, aren’t very accurate, and have more limited ammunition than archery, meaning sword and bow are not yet obsolete. Grenades are also available and can be used to deal damage to groups of clustered enemies, but they do not refill. Mount & Blade: Warband 

Mount & Blade With Fire and Sword Free Download Repacklab

This technology replaces throwing weapons from previous games, so that now the “Power Throw” skill is replaced with “Grenade Throwing.” Warfare techniques are altered greatly by firearms and grenades, and players might find post-battle casualties much heavier than in the original games; indeed, the player himself is at far greater risk of a sudden death due to high-damage muskets or other firearms. Capturing of castles has become more difficult to achieve by force, so the game offers new siege options, such as bribing a guard, poisoning the water supply, or blowing a hole in the wall to provide an advantage based on the player’s tactics skill. Another new option is the choice to build a ‘wagon fort’ fort from the camp menu.


The Kingdom of Sweden Wealthy and powerful, the Kingdom of Sweden patiently waits to conquer the losing side of the Russian Polish conflict with an army of dreaded dragoons and musketeers. Sweden’s army resembles contemporary Western European armies, with many gunpowder units such as the Swedish Reiter and the Lifeguard. In comparison with its peers, Sweden’s emphasis on gunpowder weaponry makes it one of the more original factions of With Fire & Sword. Cossack Hetmanate The Cossack Hetmanate is a Ukrainian state comprising wild-spirited independent fighters led by Hetman Bogdan Hmelnitski. With few armored units to speak of, the Hetmanate relies on an army of accurate musketeers, light insurgents and light Djura cavalry. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Mount & Blade With Fire and Sword Free Download Repacklab

The Cossacks fight against Poland for their freedom. Cossack leader Hetman Bogdan Hmelnitski is forced to seek help from Russia in order to combat the Polish threat. Together the Cossack Hetmanate and Tsardom of Moscow march on the Polish Republic. Polish Commonwealth The Polish Commonwealth, also known as the Polish-Lithuanian Republic, is famed for its majestic Winged Cavalry. Dominated by its Winged Hussars (the heaviest cavalry in the game) and supported by competent but unexceptional infantry in the form of Zolniers and Pikemen, the Polish Commonwealth best resembles the Kingdom of Swadia in troop composition. While it possesses a rich army, it is fragile, which could ultimately lead to the Polish Commonwealth’s demise.

Founding Your Own Kingdom

There are several ways to start a kingdom for yourself and they are similar to the ones in Mount&Blade: Warband, although you will not be able to name your own kingdom. One way is to become a member of an already existing faction and capturing a castle or a town which you will not be granted by the faction leader. When this happens you can choose to renounce your current oath and leave your faction. This will result in your new faction becoming a rebel faction for that faction. When you have become a rebel for a faction it is a good idea to find the claimant for that faction and proceed to persuade the lords of the original faction to join yours instead. This way works exactly the same as it does in Warband. However, this will not make you king/queen of the new kingdom. Mortal Shell

Mount & Blade With Fire and Sword Free Download Repacklab

Instead you will become the Marshall and the claimant will become the new faction leader. You will have major attacks on your kingdom, which may be what makes the game fun. Another way to become a monarch is to start either The Deluge or the False Dmitry quests. In the middle of the Deluge quest, Colonel Zagloba will ask the player to become king or he’ll start a rebellion against King Jan Kasimir. If you choose to become king, then The Deluge in the quest menu is completed and The Final Border quest replaces it. The player also becomes the Polish Republic’s permanent marshall (even if they hold an election for it). The end point of the both quests gives the player the task to conquer Eastern Europe as the final quest.

Add-ons (DLC): 

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: XP/Vista/Windows 7
Processor:2.1Ghz or higher
Memory:1.2 GB
Hard Disk Space:900 MB
Video Card:128 MB+
Sound:DirectX Compatible Sound Card