NEBULOUS: Fleet Command Free Download

NEBULOUS: Fleet Command Free Download Repacklab

NEBULOUS: Fleet Command Free Download Repacklab Take command of a fleet of space warships tailored to your exact play-style. Favor a small task group of robust, flexible multi-role combatants, a large group of specialized ships, or something in between. Do battle in a heavily simulation-based tactical game featuring everything from kinetics and beam weapons to realistic radar and electronic warfare. Nebulous seamlessly blends the thoughtfulness of pre-mission planning, tension of battle decision-making, pressure of real-time action, and pain of inevitable sacrifice into an intense tactical space game that will keep you reflecting on every decision (and mistake) for hours after each battle. Skip the economy management: you’re here to dominate in battle. Drop into the battlespace with your full fleet and carefully plan your moves. SEXY GAMES

NEBULOUS Fleet Command Free Download Repacklab

Deep, methodical combat based on thrusts, withdrawals, and counter-thrusts keeps the tension ratcheted up without numbing you with a screen constantly full of explosions. With no reinforcements coming, every hit hurts and every loss counts. Victory favors thoughtful planning and precise execution. It’s in your hands, Commodore. Control In-Depth Band-boxing your units and right clicking the enemy doesn’t fly here. With small, intimate battles, we offer you unparalleled control of every unit right down to their individual mounts. Keep your entire fleet together, dynamically split off task units, or give each ship its own assignment. Large maps with lots of cover and radar occlusion make methodical positioning and sight lines critical.

Group your weapons and task them to different targets

focus fire with everything you have. Selecting the appropriate weapon to engage a target is as impactful as deciding which targets to engage at all. Weapons have compounding benefits and drawbacks, all of which can be compensated for and planned against. Radar And E-War Simulation Intelligence is key to victory and your situational awareness is never a given. Use asteroids and gas clouds to obscure your ships from enemy sensor systems while illuminators and fire control radars mark targets and the enemy attempts to blind you with jammers. Occlusion, passive signal detection, and balancing radar signature size makes fighting for intel as vicious as firing missiles.Massing firepower in one place is not always the best solution. Spaceflight Simulator

NEBULOUS Fleet Command Free Download Repacklab

as the enemy could come from any direction in the fully 3-dimensional battlespace. Covering your retreat is always in order. The opening of the battle usually opens with both sides looking for each other. Scouting in a race to be the first to find out where the enemy is – racing to gain the first bit of initiative. But unlike games where micro is the deciding factor, the movement is slow enough that your moves must be pre-meditated. The side who can find the answers to most of these questions first controls the opening phase. But just as easy as it is taken, it can be lost. A radar can lose track, and suddenly the tables can turn. A decision you made for movement a minute before is about to have disastrous effects because you can’t just right click away.

Plan To Win

All fleets are unique in Nebulous, and you won’t know what the enemy is bringing to the field until your first radar contact. A point value system keeps fleet strength in balance, but you may spend half the battle (or more) trying to determine your adversary’s capabilities. The built-in fleet editor allows players to build their fleet from a set of hulls, each with their own niche, and configure these hulls to vary their capabilities. Each new ship is a blank canvas waiting for you to express your tactical identity. Detailed Damage Model There are no healthbars; every ship is held together by its armor and its components. All armor damage is positional, meaning hits to undamaged areas will face the full weight of the armor plating. Dead Space: Extraction

NEBULOUS Fleet Command Free Download Repacklab

The armor protects the soft, critical interior components and the ship’s crew who will fight frantically to keep the ship operational. Damage control teams will move from compartment to compartment, repairing damage where they can according to a module’s criticality and the player’s priorities. The learning curve is a little steep. Expect to spend 10 or more hours just getting to know the ins and outs of everything. But then you realize the depth of this sim. It’s incredible. There’s enough weaponry, systems and equipment where you can build a fleet to employ a dizzying array of tactics and strategies to try out. It’s a fantastic naval space sim and the replay-ability is immense. If you are at all interested in this type genre, get this game.

In Nebulous, different missiles allow for different tactics:

One might be more resilient to jamming but requires one of your ships to paint the enemy with a targeting laser (a tactic employed by the Rocinante in the first book). Another can be sent on a user-selected path before it locks on to the enemy, giving you the option to fire while hidden behind an asteroid (or to attack enemies that think they’re safely out of sight). All of these missiles are a precious commodity since you won’t be able to reload in battle. And as powerful as they can be, there are also numerous ways to counteract them. Close range PDCs will be instantly familiar to fans of the Expanse. These “point defense cannons” fill the battle space with beautiful arcs of amber as they attempt to swat down incoming missiles. Space Hulk Deathwing Enhanced Edition

NEBULOUS Fleet Command Free Download Repacklab

You can also shoot down missiles with interceptors or flak cannons. Alternatively, you can blast the incoming missiles with radar jamming to weaken their lock or deploy some decoy chaff to pull them off target. Even though the game can seem ponderously slow at first, once you’re in the heat of battle, the number of things that suddenly need to be done all at once can be a little overwhelming. Thankfully, the game has a customizable “action-pause” that can be activated with a simple press of Ctrl-Space. I have it reduce the game to 10% speed (for cool slow-motion explosions, naturally), but you can also set it to any percentage you want — or even pause the game completely. The action-pause makes the game for me. Instead of feeling overwhelmed during intense moments.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Steam Sub 282403 Steam Sub 282404

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: GTX1050 or Equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 2 GB available space