Need for Speed Underground Free Download

Need for Speed Underground Free Download Repacklab

Need for Speed: Underground Free Download is the seventh title in the Need for Speed series. It was developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts in 2003. It was commercially successful and inspired a sequel. Need for Speed: Underground completely redesigned the series’ formula with a heavy emphasis on tuner culture and a storyline-driven career mode. All races take place in a generic city at night, featuring vehicles associated with the import scene rather than exotic cars. Cars in Need for Speed: Underground are unlocked as the player progresses through Underground Mode. As the player completes events in Underground Mode, additional cars are unlocked at certain points of their progression. sexy games

Need for Speed Underground Free Download Repacklab

Additional cars are also rewarded for use in Quick Race as the player earns Style Points from events in Underground Mode, with certain cumulative milestones unlocking bonus cars. Underground rebooted the franchise, ignoring the previous Need for Speed games which featured sports cars and exotics. It was the first game in the series to offer a career mode featuring a storyline, and a garage mode that allowed players to fully customize their cars with a large variety of brand-name performance and visual upgrades. All races take place in a generic city at night called Olympic City, though the city bears some resemblance to New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


The story begins with the player at the centre of the action in a circuit race. They are given a uniquely styled Acura Integra Type R that allows them to easily defeat their opponents, but they are suddenly woken up by Samantha, who tells them to stop daydreaming. Samantha is the player’s friend in the city. She shows the player how the console with the races works, who is who, and makes fun of the player’s first car. Eddie is the leader of The Eastsiders and currently the best racer on the streets of Olympic City; he also has a girlfriend – Melissa. The player meets other racers and eventually gathers a small list of nemesis that continually challenge them. The player is introduced to TJ, whom promises unique vehicle upgrades in exchange for beating time trial challenges. Need For Speed The Run

Need for Speed Underground Free Download Repacklab

Samantha does the same from time to time and offers unique visual modifications instead. The player’s successive victories do not impress Eddie. He mocks the player’s skill, saying they have a long way to go to ‘roll his streets’. The player eventually builds enough hype to be too hard to ignore and forces Eddie to challenge them to beat Samantha in a sprint race before they can go after Eddie. The player’s willingness in going for it infuriates her. Samantha totals her Civic’s engine attempting to beat the player. TJ takes the junked car for himself after the event. Eddie tries to once again get rid of the player as they come close to becoming the best racer in Olympic City. The player also sees TJ in Samantha’s recovered car after he fixed it, but it has been vandalised.


Circuit – A standard race that involves racing of up to four opponents’ cars around a looped track for one or more laps. Knockout – Similar to Circuit except the last racer to pass the starting line of each lap is “knocked out” until a final racer is left and declared the winner. Sprint – A point-to-point course instead of a loop. These races are typically shorter than Circuit events. Drift – A point based event involving multiple racers but with only a single racer participating on the course at a time. The winner is the racer with the highest total score upon completing the course. Racers earn points based on how well they can control their vehicles as they slide along the course. Drag – Up to four racers part take along a straight line course from A to B. Need for Speed Undercover 

Need for Speed Underground Free Download Repacklab

The racer that completes the course with the quickest time is the winner. A racer will fail the event if they collide with traffic or over heat the engine. Only manual transmission can be used.The player wins a pink slip circuit race for Samantha and reclaims her car to make amends. Samantha gives the player a choice of a wide body kit for their car. Style Points are rewarded to the player for performing driving stunts and being competitive in race events. Reaching certain style point numbers will unlock vinyls and car presets. Performing some style point actions will enable a multiplier for that action the more often the player can repeat it. Crashing into an obstacle such as a traffic vehicle or wall will reset the multiplier for all actions.


It serves as the main storyline of Need for Speed: Underground. Upon entering it, players receive a welcome message before starting. From the Underground Menu, players have access to the race map, customisation, rankings, magazines and their overall progress in the game. Throughout this mode, the player will need to defeat several characters including Jose, Dirt, Klutch, and The Eastsiders. At the end, the player will race against the leader of The Eastsiders, Eddie. After defeating him, the player then races against his girlfriend Melissa in one final race. Underground Mode features a total of 113 races. It features all race types including circuit, sprint, lap knockout, drag and drift. Tutorials for drag and drift can found in the Quick Race menu. Need for Speed Underground 2 

Need for Speed Underground Free Download Repacklab

Underground Mode also includes tournaments, which sometimes require players to meet certain requirements before competing. Bank rewards become higher as players progress through the career. With each race, players have the option of playing them either on easy, medium or hard difficulty, as well as in Quick Race. Also included in the Underground are time trials given by Samantha or TJ, allowing players to win unique visual or performance upgrades. The Racebreaker feature in Need for Speed: Underground 2 uses similar gameplay mechanics to that of style points. Once players beat a few races at the beginning, visual and performance upgrades become available for purchase. Visual upgrades include body parts, accessories, paints, vinyls and decals.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows XP+
Processor: Intel Pentium 3 Processor or better
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX+ or better
Storage: 2 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system