Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends Free Download

Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends Free Download Repacklab

Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends Free Download Repacklab Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends is a short and sweet yet very challenging game about climbing a mountain on a pogo stick. Tilt the character, jump, use momentum and 360° powerboosts to reach unimaginable heights. Jump along with friends and strangers from around the globe via automatic matchmaking for up to 16 players. Customize your character with unlockable gear and compete in leaderboards or live rankings – if you want to! Inspired by Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. The Root Of All Evil: An epic new single- and multiplayer co-op experience awaits you with Map 3, a vast island featuring multiple long and short diverging routes where you choose and forge your own path. The Monolith Of Perseverance. SEXY GAMES

Pogostuck Rage With Your Friends Free Download Repacklab

Climb a mysterious 1000 meters deep chasm in this completely new map 2, armed with either just your pogo stick or abilities in extra modes. Tethered To Your Friends: Tether to friends or strangers in this rubber band co-op for 2-16 players. Loot With Your Friends: Explore randomly generated dungeons for loot and highscores, fight enemies with your pogo stick gun and double jump across lava pits in 1-4 player co-op. Skate With Your Friends: Skate for fun or chain all kinds of tricks into crazy minute-long combos. If you’ve spent any amount of time scaling the familiar mountain that we all know and hate (and perhaps also love, somewhere deep down), then that should give you a good indication of what type of game is.

Pogostuck is a challenging addition to the “no checkpoints, all skill” genre of games.

Pogostuck is a challenging addition to the “no checkpoints, all skill” genre of games. Compared to other popular games in this genre Pogostuck is almost twice as hard as others (based off global achievement %s) . It will quickly filter out the unwilling and undetermined as many of my friends quit only 8-24% into the game. However, the game is very fun and a unique concept and those who are determined to beat the game will feel very rewarded. This game redefined tilt for me. It brought back levels of rage that I used to have as a kid playing Pokemon Colosseum on gamecube after school. Games like counterstrike, valorant, and other “tilt-inducers” don’t even really compete with this game. The amount of times I spent over an hour trying to get 5-10% just to fall back down 20%. Tales of the Black Forest

Pogostuck Rage With Your Friends Free Download Repacklab

is beyond me and everytime I wanted to quit this stupid game. I’d reach certain parts of the game where the moment I hit a certain % I’d become too nervous to even think about how to proceed and throw myself off the cliff and fall back and want to throw something. If you’re willing to give up 20+ hours of your life to beat this just map 1, you will feel very rewarded. As you continue to redo old parts you seemingly get better at them and find the most optimized routes. My first 10 attempts at the 75% area I would be so nervous that half the time I couldn’t even do the first jump, but over time you start to feel good about your ability to return to where you are at and don’t get nervous about falling off. “So what if I fall from the flower jumps to grapes (78% -> 24%).

Your goal

Climb a surreal mountain and make freinds along the way. After 30+ hours of playing: You Have Completed A Great Game. THIS IS THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE I’M NOT KIDDING! If you see those other reviews saying: Refunded, or This game is so east and a waste of time and money, The people who wrote the reviews went insane because they got stuck in a easy section BECAUSE: It’s self explainable, you’ll find out when you get there and it takes like 7 minutes of gameplay to get there. The controls are nice *It takes like 5 mins to get the hand of it* and if you do a flip in the air your next jump will get a boost. To get clothes: When you level up you get clothes, You can wear them by accessing the “WARDROBE” in the pause menu or at the title screen. Circle Empires Rivals

Pogostuck Rage With Your Friends Free Download Repacklab

If you hate this game, you’re probably raging or going bored. You are supposed to rage, Pogo stuck “RAGE” with your freinds/random people. Pogostucke in a NUTSHELL. Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends is a well-designed, fun, colourful and ambient rage game that stretches the lines of human sanity, determination and pain. On the surface, Pogostuck looks and breathes like a bouncy, Getting over It-esque, online, fun challenging game; however, this fantasy is destroyed after around 25 hours of playtime. In total, the first map took me around 50 hours to beat, I’ve done it 100 times and can get back to it in only 15-20 minutes”. It’s feelings like these that keep you going because you can feel yourself improving.


Getting Over It has inspired lot of games where player are forced to traverse lengthy singular stage with difficult controls. Pogostuck stands out as the best of these attempts due to its superior multiplayer aspect and greater emphasis on skill. Controlling Pogostick may seem luck-based and frustrating at first, but it actually requires significant skill with many techniques that are not obvious at first. Unlike Getting Over It, each movement is not independent; the character’s previous jump have significant impact on next jump that proceeds immediately thereafter, giving the developers freedom to create a map where one must “combo” multiple movements with barely any grace period mid-maneuver. Each stage is designed so that player will not be able to progress without mastering particular skillset. World in Conflict Complete Edition

Pogostuck Rage With Your Friends Free Download Repacklab

which consistently and steeply build up in its challenge. This makes the game extraordinarily difficult; no matter how lucky, player will not be able to beat the game without learning how to perfectly maneuver direction and height of their character perfectly. I recommend this game because it gave me genuine feeling of accomplishment. There’s pleasure in looking at the roadblock which took hours to pass before, and going over it in matter of minutes with your improved controls. Although one must endure lengthy period of frustration first, it’s made much more bearable by being able to observe the movements of other players real-time, another positive factor that makes this game distinct. and when you finally hit that jump you’ve been stuck of for minutes or hours you feel great about it.

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: XP Service Pack 3 or newer
Processor: Dual-Core 2.4GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Shader Model 3 support, 512MB VRAM, Intel® HD Graphics 5500 or better
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 950 MB available space
Additional Notes: Monitor resolution of at least 1024×720.