Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale Free Download

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale Free Download Repacklab

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale Free Download is the story of an item shop, the girl who lives in it, and the fairy who turned her life upside down. Recette Lemongrass finds herself in charge of an item shop built into her house, in order to pay back a loan her father took and then skipped out on – and Tear, her newfound fairy “companion”, won’t take no for an answer! As Recette, you have to decide how you’ll get your stock – either through playing the markets in town or going out into the wild with an adventuring friend and thrashing beasts until they give up the goodies – how much to sell things for, what the shop should look like, and how to best go about getting the money Tear needs to pay off the loan. If you can’t come up with the money… well, hope you like living in a cardboard box. sexy games

Recettear An Item Shop's Tale Free Download Repacklab

Manage all aspects of an item shop – from stock to interior design! Explore randomized dungeons – never quite the same twice! Multiple adventurers to choose from when dungeon-diving – no two play the same! Plenty to do after beating the game – challenge yourself with Survival Mode or play to your heart’s delight in Endless Mode! Engaging story, localized by Carpe Fulgur – get to know the people of Pensee! The game follows a young girl named Recette, who is charged by the fairy Tear to run an item shop out of her house to pay off the considerable debt her father had accumulated before his mysterious disappearance; the eponymous shop is a portmanteau of the lead characters’ names. In the game, the player controls Recette in several areas of gameplay.

How You Can Change Your Shop

Initially, your shop is pretty small and simple, as seen above, and when you approach your front desk, you don’t have any options other than “Open Store” and “Cancel.” However, if you’re the type who believes the initial shop is too tiny and drab, once you have a few Merchant Levels under your belt, you can start doing something about it; just be mindful of the fact that you still have to pay the debt in most modes – don’t go so overboard with purchasing new shop customizations that you make it impossible for yourself to make a weekly payment! You can pay at the Merchant’s Guild to expand the size of your shop, which you can do 3 times, at levels 12, 20, and 26; this gives you additional counters each time, so that you can display more items at once, and the second time you do it. LEGO The Incredibles

Recettear An Item Shop's Tale Free Download Repacklab

a new window for an additional showcase display. See Merchant Levels for a listing of costs and how many counters you get. As your Merchant Level increases, you will gain new front-desk options for changing your store’s atmosphere by changing its walls (Lv 6), flooring (Lv 8), carpet (Lv 9), and counters (Lv 14) to any you own. This will affect which customers visit, as some prefer a particular atmosphere. You can purchase new atmospheric decorations at the Market; once you do, actually making your changes is free. See Atmosphere for a list of possible options. You get to move your counters around anywhere you want at level 10; counter placement does not affect visiting customers in any way, so the option is just there to suit your personal tastes.

Survival Mode

Survival Mode (which includes Survival Hell) is unlocked by clearing the Lapis Ruins dungeon in Endless Mode. (In version 1.105, Survival Mode is available upon completion of a New Game.) Both types of Survival Modes are covered here. Once the option is unlocked, Survival Mode is accessible from the main menu; choosing it will allow you to select whether you’d like to play a Normal Survival, or try your luck at Survival Hell. A Survival Mode game is mostly the same, objective-wise and starting-materials-wise, as either a New Game or New Game +, depending which you choose (although there are a few differences), but instead of being done after 5 weeks, you’re allowed to keep playing indefinitely. Journey

Recettear An Item Shop's Tale Free Download Repacklab

and your debt payments just keep getting bigger every week until it becomes impossible for you to pay. You must choose a file to use for playing Survival Mode, as the game needs to know which data to use for the things that will carry over; you can use any Endless Mode file (regardless of its progress), or a cleared New Game or New Game + file. Starting a Survival Mode game increases your Loop count by 1. Endless Mode  is unlocked by beating the game. It’s not present as an option on the title screen; the way you go into Endless Mode is by choosing to load (and thus continue) any freshly-Cleared file. Essentially, you will resume from where you left off (Day 37), and can do whatever you want without having to worry about paying off any more debt!


Recettear takes place in a fantasy setting, and places the player in the role of Recette Lemongrass, the daughter of a shopkeeper who has left to be an adventurer but has mysteriously disappeared. As her father was in great debt to Terme Finance, she is forced by Terme’s representative fairy, Tear, to rebuild her home into an item shop to repay the debt. Recette reopens the shop as Recettear, a portmanteau of hers and Tear’s names. Recette adopts the catchphrase “Capitalism, ho!” as the player continues on with the story. The game’s story is presented through text dialog and two-dimensional sprites, akin to a visual novel. There are some occasional spoken lines in Japanese, which remain untranslated in the English version. Catch and Release

Recettear An Item Shop's Tale Free Download Repacklab

The game is structured on daily cycle, with the goal to have repaid the debt of 820,000 pix (the game’s currency) by the end of one month. Each day is structured into fixed periods. Time passes when the player operates the shop, goes adventuring for items, or returns to the shop after visiting other shops or guilds in the town, limiting the total number of activities that can be done in a day. When the player chooses to operate the shop, they can place items on the shop’s shelves, with certain spots, such as near the storefront window, being more lucrative to draw in buyers. When a potential buyer selects an item, the player can bargain to try to get as much profit from the sale as possible, but ineffectively bargaining will cause the buyer to leave without purchasing anything.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Carpe Fulger Bundle Indie Story Pack Carpe Fulgur Comp

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Pentium 4 1.7ghz or Athlon XP 1700+ (or equivalent processor)
Memory: 256MB of system RAM (512 reccomended for Windows Vista and 7)
Graphics: DirectX 8.1-compatible video card of any type with at least 64 megabytes of video RAM; Nvidia and ATI tested (Intel Intregrated Graphics below X4000 series not recommended)
DirectX®: DirectX 8.1
Hard Drive: 700MB free HD space
Sound: DirectX 8.1-compatible sound card/motherboard chip

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system