Reverie Knights Tactics Free Download

Reverie Knights Tactics Free Download Repacklab

Reverie Knights Tactics Free Download Repacklab Reverie Knights Tactics is a turn-based tactical RPG with strategic battles in isometric grids where every decision you make can alter the story and the way you configure the characters. Lead your party of heroes, each one with distinct, special abilities and skills, allowing you to use multiple battle strategies to defeat your enemies. Craft new items and accessories from the treasures you collect and use them to further customize your characters and gain a tactical advantage! Discover the Tormenta RPG setting Delve into a unique fantasy world featuring deep map and scenario exploration in an epic adventure, stylized as a visual novel and set in the Tormenta RPG setting, drawing inspiration from more than 20 years’ worth of tabletop RPGs, comic books. SEXY GAMES

Reverie Knights Tactics Free Download Repacklab

novels and audiobooks. Embark on an expedition to find Lennórien, the long-lost elven city, to save your loved ones, while fighting the goblin menace that spreads terror across the continent! Beautiful Hand Drawn Art: Meticulous multilayer artwork from pencil sketch to full detail color. Decision-driven Storyline: Make several decisions through your quests, affecting the story and other characters` reactions. Character Customization: Customize character`s performance attributes, skills, and accessories for heightened abilities! Item Crafting: Collect powerful items as you explore the world and discover combinations to create new items. Exploration: Travel your way through an expansive map, unlocking secret quests, solving puzzles, and exploring scenarios and evil dungeons!

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Besides skill points, every few levels you gain additional abilities that seem to be influenced by your team’s morale shift towards Chaos or Order. However, by the end of the game, I seemed to be getting skill selections from both sides of the spectrum. I’m not sure if it is a bug or that your balance just influences the power of these specific abilities. You can also equip tomes to your characters that provide bonuses to your stats as well as immunity to certain ailments. These are purchased with currency gained at the end of each battle or sometimes by finding them in a locked chest or story event. One major difference with Reverie from most TRPGs is that you are not allowed to go back and replay battles that you have completed. Hero’s Hour

Reverie Knights Tactics Free Download Repacklab

There are no opportunities to grind for experience or items. You have to make the most of the time you are given in each battle and collect as much as you can as you move through the world. These limitations can make using healing items more risky because you can find yourself in a tight spot as you aren’t fully healed in between battles. The only way to heal outside of items is to level up or by using healing abilities in battle. If your characters die they are resurrected with a single HP, but you can use items before the next battle to heal everyone to full. If you do happen to find the battles a bit too challenging, there is also a story mode which should make things very easy for you to complete the game and see the full narrative experience.


Reverie Knights Tactics takes place in a fantasy world that will feel immediately familiar to anyone who’s ever played D&D. It’s full of haughty elves, nimble halflings, and just enough magical technology to set it apart from Tolkien. Generations ago, the elves conquered the goblin homeland and built their capital city of Lenorienn there. Now the displaced goblins have returned with a massive army, massacring the elves and taking back what’s theirs. Across the sea in a powerful nation known only as the Kingdom, the temple of Tanna-toh, Goddess of Knowledge, organized an expedition to recover any elven lore and artifacts that they could from Lenorienn. When the expedition doesn’t return, the scholar Aurora is chosen to mount a rescue mission. Portal Knights

Reverie Knights Tactics Free Download Repacklab

Aurora is unproven in the field, but she has plenty of reason to risk her life on this quest; the leader of the missing expedition is her father, Marius. The storyline follows Aurora and her team as they attempt to find out what happened to Marius and his companions. Along the way she is forced to make tough calls, balancing the needs of the mission, her companions, and her belief in herself. Make no mistake; Aurora is a confident and able leader. Her doubt seems to stem from her place as the daughter of a high-ranking cleric – she has to prove to herself that the temple’s faith in her is based on her own abilities and not nepotism. The game tracks the player’s decisions through an alignment system based on Order versus Chaos.


The majority of the game’s 10-12 hour campaign will be spent engaging goblin forces on the battlefield grid. Hazards and obstacles are plentiful, making push and pull effects a major part of the game’s strategy. Additionally, each battle has a set of optional sub-objectives that can be completed for extra experience and Cogni (currency). It’s not necessarily a sure thing that all of these sub-objectives can be completed, and there will be battles where the player is tempted to restart in an attempt to get the most value out of the fight. Combat in Reverie Knights Tactics is well-balanced, providing ample challenge while never feeling unbeatable. Each character can bring only a limited number of their learned skills into battle and each choice can dramatically alter how a fighter performs. Black Clover Quartet Knights

Reverie Knights Tactics Free Download Repacklab

Furthermore, the game rewards holding a strong position by empowering most skills if the character remains stationary while using them. One or more heroes can combine their efforts in a team attack if they are adjacent to the same enemy, and limit-break-style Focus Attacks provide powerful options that can turn the tide of battle. Most fights are fairly standard, requiring simply that the player defeat all enemies in whatever manner is necessary. A few of the story battles stand out as particularly exciting, and if there is any complaint to be made about Reverie Knights Tactics it’s that the game could have used more of these gimmick battles and fewer basic ones. Shoving goblins out of the way as the party runs from an implacable juggernaut in a narrow tunnel.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Ash of Gods: Redemption Complete Your Set Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark Complete Your Set Steam Sub 491124

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-3570K
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 9 GB available space
Sound Card: Direct X compatible