Robbery Bob Man of Steal Free Download

Robbery Bob Man of Steal Free Download Repacklab

Robbery Bob Man of Steal Free Download Repacklab The game starts with a just intro of the story line. It was described by a series of photos that is very comprehensible and clear. The story line goes this way: Bob is in prison because of stealing and then one day someone helps him to bust away from prison not knowing the big favor or consequence he is going to face. That man help Bob to get away from prison in exchange for something bigger than Bob was used to do. Bob owed him big so he must do something that he is good at, “robbing” (again). We picked this game although we weren’t that much of a gamer as you may call but this game is absolutely fun, thrilling with a little humour. SEXY GAMES

Robbery Bob Man of Steal Free Download Repacklab

If you are bored and got nothing to do at home just click this game and you are good to go!(actually not really). The game will let you want to jump out of your chair not because of a scary clown on the screen (nope not pennywise) but because of the panicky, thrilling and jumpy scenes if you caught off guard. This game has plenty of levels that you won’t get bored of. It has three story chapters and three bonus chapters. First is Chapter 1-Suburds, Chapter 2-Downtown, Chapter 3-Secret Labs, bonus chapters are Advanced, Winter and High Rise. Although there are some levels that may have the same features but it could not really affect your game play experience.

Stealth-Based Action: Sneak past security guards.

The goal of this game is to sneak out in people’s houses, cities, and labs without getting caught by the cops or the owners. Bob must collect all the needed items, it is very noticeable because of the sparkles in it, and then leave the place as soon as possible. The “Robbery Bob: man of steal” game from the sound of it is really bizarre and thinking that this is a game about robbing is absolutely weird. The game is not that easy, if you got three stars until the end of the chapter then we salute you. Playing in higher and higher levels will make you feel like punching one of the guards for catching you stealing those precious items, but that doesn’t count on any of its features. Layers of Fear

Robbery Bob Man of Steal Free Download Repacklab

You will feel the hype when the guards heard or saw you because they are all definitely ready to run and catch you at any time. The dogs are very realistic, imagine a scenario when you are literally stealing, of course it is a crime but just as an example, you will really think of the dogs as one of the biggest problems. They will bark at you as loud enough to wake up everyone even the neighborhood. The worst scenario would be attacking right in front of you. With Mr. Mark Joseph Solidarios, studying Game and Entertainment and programming really gave us the Ideas on how to create and develop a not just user friendly but also a terrifying game that will surely entertain you.

Levels Aplenty: Your sticky-fingered missions will take you through over 100 levels.

We learned about several game engines like Godot, Unity, Blender, LOVE, Unreal and many more but our favorite is Godot. Godot game engine is a 2D and 3D cross-platform open source MIT licensed game engine developed by its community and used internally by several companies in Latin America before being released to the public. This game engine is one of the examples that can help you create your own game like Robbery bob. Overall rating in this game would be 4.0/5. I would definitely share this game with my friends, but not with the kids. This is a great strategy game that will really test you and with an excellent graphics.

Robbery Bob Man of Steal Free Download Repacklab

I suck at stealth games, plain and simple. Thief, Styx, Dishonored, Metal Gear, Splinter Cell… count me out, because I’m terrible. I am not a patient person. Surprisingly enough, I found myself rocking through Robbery Bob: Man of Steal with little effort. “Why is this happening?” I thought to myself over the course of three chapters, each consisting of 15 levels. I realized towards the end of the game that it’s because Robbery Bob also lets you play at a faster pace that other stealth games neglect. Yes, this game is a mobile port. No, that doesn’t make it awful. In fact, next to Major Mayhem this is the best ported mobile game I’ve played. The graphics and sound are decent enough, the story is simple yet enjoyable and the dialogue exchanges are mildly humorous. LEWDAPOCALYPSE Hentai Evil

Six Costumes to Choose From: Haven’t got a stitch to wear? Channel the art of stealth with the ninja costume.

That being said, the main game doesn’t last very long, even when getting three “stars” in each level. I completed the main three chapters in just over 2.5 hours. However, there are still a wide plethora of bonus stages that I have yet to complete. In each stage you will find yourself dodging various obstacles, whether it be patrolling guards, dogs, security cameras, lasers or mad scientists. If you get all of the treasure without getting caught, and have done so in a timely manner, you will gain all three “stars” for that level. I put stars in quotation marks because they’re not really stars so much as they are objectives, but they function as stars would in most other mobile games of this nature.

Robbery Bob Man of Steal Free Download Repacklab

The controls are smooth and simple, and you can play with either a keyboard or a controller. You will be able to easily navigate Bob, hide in certain elements such as bushes and boxes, trigger distractions, run, and speed up time. The latter two elements are really what set this game apart from other stealth titles. The ability to run without alerting enemies frequently and being able to speed up time so you’re not waiting forever for a patrol’s pattern to reset are what cause this game to be played quickly. I should also mention that you are able to upgrade Bob’s stats; at least his Speed, Stamina, Stealth and “Grab-ability”, the latter of which allows him to pick up treasure from further away. Loop Odyssey 

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor or equivalent.
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL-compatible graphics card (512MB)
Storage: 200 MB available space
Additional Notes: Supports Xinput and DirectInput compatible controllers.

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: –
Processor: –
Memory: –
Graphics: –
DirectX: –
Storage: –