Save Me Sakuya-san! Free Download

Save Me Sakuya-san! Free Download Repacklab

Save Me Sakuya-san! Free Download Beautiful artwork, multiple stunning scenes throughout the game! Riveting soundtrack to fully immerse you into the many stunning scenes! Engaging dialogue with references true to the source material! Easy going, casual visual novel gameplay! You’re going through some really dark times, so much so that you needed some immediate intervention, however, at the last minute, your soul was heard crying for help, and Sakuya Izayoi was sent to intervene, she’s more than happy to spend a couple of days with you to cheer you up, so make the most of it, or end up as the mistresses next special meal… In Save Me, Sakuya-san!, The Player was about to commit suicide. SEXY GAMES

Save Me Sakuya-san! Free Download Repacklab

but luckily Sakuya Izayoi saved them at the last second after she heard their soul crying for help. She then spends several days with the player comforting them and doing several activities to make them feel better about themselves and not to be suicidal anymore which in the end works out. Without a doubt, truly a masterpiece this transcends the genre. And Obviously there is a layer of irony that will be present in both my review, and is also present in the game. But I earnestly tell to you, that this game eclipses the medium. The thearpy-like visual novel is a genre that is very small, but the games you make, seem like they were competing with other triple A titles. The ideas and execution of this game are superb, from the vibrant art to the music.

Real Life Saver

short and sweet game that gives great advice. definitely helped me out in my life and it’s worth every penny, with amazing artwork too. i’ll be playing this again whenever i’m feeling down. this game came out right at the time i couldn’t feel worse in my life, so it really helped me pull through and learn lots of things while i was at it I am just starting my 5th play-through. The game is a masterpiece, the art, music and dialog are all impeccable. This game did more for my mental health then any therapist has. It’s quick, fun and is a great mental health check. (great ending song btw), Save me, Sakuya-san! is through and through a gem in the rough. I sincerely look forward to some dlc?? Or your next project regardless. Secret of Mana

Save Me Sakuya-san! Free Download Repacklab

adorable little experience with surprisingly profound writing. would recommend to anyone who’s having a bad day, or who just likes touhou The art is good, and so is the music as well. The pacing is pretty inconsistent and some of the writing is a little strange, but a fun little short experience for the price. I enjoyed the first half very much up until the fishing part and then the pacing got really quick and a lot of the dialogue didn’t add much to the experience. As a true connoisseur of the Perfect & Elegant Sakuya Izayoi content, I must say that this short and tiny visual novel contains some of the best and cutest art pieces I’ve seen. Never in my life did I thought I needed to see Sakuya in fishing gear and her drinking tea with fumos chillin’ on bed.

Save Me Sakuya-san! short visual novel

A short visual novel, less than 30 minutes, just you and Sakuya having a good time working out any issues you may have. It’s not all just a sweet story however, you are given advice you can apply in real life. The visual novel engine works well enough, had a couple freezes but it seems like an uncommon issue. Could use a few more save slots, you can’t fit a save for each dialog choice. The soundtrack is good and does its job of setting the atmosphere All jokes aside, if you are facing hardships in life and seek some comfort, give this game a try. Short and sweet. Offers some real nice general advice for you,a real relaxing game with nice music to sit back and give a playthrough a few times if you are just needing to clear your head. World’s End Club

Save Me Sakuya-san! Free Download Repacklab

Honestly worth the price and has some real nice music that plays after you go through it one time. Highly recommend this, this is genuinely a very beautiful game,, thank you Sakuya-san and those in the Sigyaad Team for making this experience!! This is the most healing pleasant VN I’ve played so far. While that isn’t saying a whole lot, please take the 20 minutes to play through it yourself. I promise, it’s worth it. This game has been a journey. The art is great, the writing is superb and I feel like a better person after playing this. Saving has been a little funky with it not working sometimes (either intentionally or not, if so just a warning here) and occasional freezes when in menus. But overall an emotional experience.

Steam Review

Perfect game, great art, great music, and very healthy for anyone. Was thoroughly enjoyable and very much something I would come back to. Comes at a great price. I’d recommend it to anyone. It might say I have zero minutes but that’s because I have yet to close the game to listen to the closing song. Goes past a game and becomes its own thing, a sigyad production. Amazing game. The main girl Sakuya-San is an amazing character and I wish I could (spoilers) lie on her lap too. The music is an absolute bop and really mixes well with the theme of the game. The story itself really doesn’t hold back and helps with the dark emotions people may have. However, if you listen to Sakuya-San then you may come out as a better person. 9.9999999999/9.9 MXGP 2021 The Official Motocross Videogame

Save Me Sakuya-san! Free Download Repacklab

Would play again and again because it is an amazing game and I wanna go back onto her lap. Good game with beautiful drawings of Sakuya. You go out with her on a little adventure, while she tells you that everything is alright. Also.. I’am really looking forward to the Remilia DLC that was announced today! It looks awesome  I can’t believe this developer can keep putting out such amazing experiences, not only is the soundtrack beautiful, the artwork is amazing, but the story itself is incredibly well written as well. It’s a bit short, as I’ve completed it in 16 minutes, but for 3 bucks, it’s definitely really worth it, I’m glad to have experienced the game, please get this game, it’s really good.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Remilia Scarlet’s Coin And Glass Game. + Remilia Scarlet DLC

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Dual Core CPU
Graphics: Integrated Graphics Card
Storage: 300 MB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system