Stay Out of the House Free Download

Stay Out of the House Free Download Repacklab

Stay Out of the House Free Download Repacklab Stay Out of the House is stealth based, VHS style slasher horror. Part survival horror, part immersive stealth simulator: Hide in the vents, pick locks, set traps and avoid detection. You will be hunted by an intelligent and deadly AI, relying on your wits and whatever tools you find to make it out alive. With low poly visuals authentic to the PS1 era, this is the game your 90’s self always wanted! The smack of a hammer… your head lands hard on the dirty linoleum floor… a maniac drags you up the stairs and cages you like an animal! You have three days until the reckoning… Welcome to the home of THE BUTCHER. Welcome to YOUR new home. Why are you here? Why has this mad man chosen you, and what are his plans for you? How will you escape? Can you even escape? SEXY GAMES

Stay Out of the House Free Download Repacklab

All of these questions have answers, but can you seek them out? Do you want to? If only you’d heeded their warning to STAY OUT OF THE HOUSE. Avoid THE BUTCHER’S cruel hammer or wind up right back in your CAGE! And you only have so much time left to escape… Stay quiet and stay out of sight. He can hear you, and he IS listening. Avoid his traps as you explore; he’s not about to let his newest houseguest leave so soon. There are plenty of unique tools and items around them house to aid in your escape. You’ll need your wits to find the best path out. Temper his SICK LUST FOR BLOOD with your .38 caliber revolver (if you can find it!) Search for clues as you explore if you truly want answers. Perhaps you’ll find more than you bargained for… Corpses, blood, guts, decapitation

Really grimy visceral horror game

Puppet Combo always scares me even as a life long genre fan. SOOTH is very challenging, but also very rewarding. Love the retro aesthetic and uncompromising brutal demeanor of it all, massive respect to the developer. This gameplay style isn’t my favorite, took me a few attempts to get through Nun Massacre, I prefer The Glass Staircase/Murderhouse ect. But SOOTH is well executed enough that I was able to get into it. I did encounter some pretty gamebreaking bugs but reloading saves/brute force I was able to get past them. A lot of jank in this game could definitely use some more polish. Jumping into the vent on the lower bunker level was insanely annoying. It’s not perfect but honestly I wouldn’t want it to be that’s part of the charm. Paper Bride 3 Unresolved Love

Stay Out of the House Free Download Repacklab

There’s a ton of content for the asking price and plenty of replay value, thanks to immersive sim elements and secrets giving you a myriad of unique ways to progress towards the same goal. Accessing a new area might require solving multiple puzzles to get around a locked door… or perhaps you could swipe a key from the killer’s back pocket and use it to get through the door early, or maybe you’ll have some bullets to spare and feel like shooting the door open… this is just an example of some of the complex gameplay this game lends itself to.  Just the amount of mental/emotional strain the player goes through during a Puppet Combo game is hilarious I love it lol. The puzzles are also a huge improvement over previous titles.

The gameplay is very similar to Granny but expanded greatly with more gameplay elements, story, etc.

You get 3 tries (except there are RE style saves, so you won’t lose all progress) to escape a killer’s house. You find items around the house and you have to figure out where to use them while avoiding the killer by hiding in the darkness, crawling through vents, or even fighting back. It’s tense, it’s scary, and you’ll probably not make it out alive. 2 pretty big and interconnected maps with tons to explore and doors to unlock great spooky atmosphere great ps1 low poly graphics the story is pretty good, it’s fun to find things and slowly piece together all the details is actually scary and doesn’t really rely on loud jumpscares (they are in the game but they are the main focus) The layout of the house and bunker is very well made, there’s tons of paths, secrets, etc. Soulstice

Stay Out of the House Free Download Repacklab

Multiple endings good sound design Closing Shift is great and it is pretty much it’s own little horror game photo mode (although bugged currently and haven’t got to check it out) the game rests on a surprisingly complex enemy AI, which really escalates the gameplay and tension. If you were disappointed by the failure of Hello Neighbor (advertised as an AI sandbox, despite actual gameplay making the enemy almost helpless to navigate his own house), you might find something great in this one. At times, playing against the killer really feels like trying to outsmart another human being, that’s trying to predict your moves before you make them. It’s extremely refreshing to learn his habits and think of counterplay as you go.

A fun ride with multiple endings.

The Game revolves around you trying to escape a house with killer roaming the map as well as a turbo granny on a wheelchair that continued to roam the halls well after I killed her. You have 3 days to get out and there is more to uncover if you decide to press on and solve puzzles. There were some bugs I encountered, alot of the issues seem to revolve around loading a save if you quit for abit. I got the “rebirth” ending and when I loaded my save to mess around some more the dog had respawned and then teleported me to his dog shack where I got soft locked until I died. So if you do decide to give this game a try know that if you save and quit somethings can get nutty. Either way I recommend this game, especially if you love horror. Last Days of Lazarus

Stay Out of the House Free Download Repacklab

This is my first Puppet Combo game so far, and I am enjoying it quite a bit. I found it convenient that there are sections you can choose, as well as difficulty levels. I am no where near finishing this game, but I quickly was able to at least get a hang of the keyboard controls pretty easily. This game has been in development for quite a long time, but this of course has contributed to it becoming more perfected over time. I just finished the Night Shift portion, so I look forward to the rest of the game when I have a chance. Anyhow, this is a highly atmospheric game overall, and is best played in the dark…alone. The ending I got was extremely macabre this game doesn’t mess around. Overall I’m glad I waited for the full release and plan on trying some more endings.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Puppet Combo Bundle Steam Sub 286472

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 SP1+
Processor: x86 32 bit
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 500 MB available space