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The Spike Free Download Repacklab

The Spike Free Download Repacklab The Spike is a 2D volleyball game which is light, but dynamic. Dominate your opponents with speedy and powerful spikes, to take control of the court! Speedy 3v3 volleyball matches Story mode that contains stories of the student athletes who aim for the top Local multiplayer mode to compete with your friends Steam Achievements! Unique and different type of game, it’s very fun and simple, addicting. Story is okay, music is pretty good and sets a very good mood, reminds me of the theme song “The Feeling Of Not Losing” from Kuroko no Basket. The battle back and fourth feels really amazing, exciting! Controls are simple and gameplay is fast paced, so it’s a nice way to kill some time. I wouldn’t recommend playing it for too long in one sitting though. SEXY GAMES

The Spike Free Download Repacklab

I did it once and I found myself avoiding the game for a rather long period of time. I’d recommend maybe 1-2 hour sittings, before stopping and then returning another day. The only problem I currently have with the game is the AI. Sometimes they basically throw the game and cause me to lose an easy game, but it isn’t that hard to predict their actions and make up for it, it’s just a bit annoying having to dive on the ground whenever my setter sets the ball to the AI for a quick and such, you know? Anyways, definitely buy the game, but maybe waiting for a sale might make the purchase more worth it. However, refrain from the Deluxe DLC thing, though it does make grinding out the volleyball currency thing much easier.

Super fun volleyball game

Amazing and super well polished gameplay. The menus and story are “lackluster”, but the overall concept and gameplay more than makes up for it. Absolutely worth the 5 bucks. Super excited for the setter story mode. Can definitely tell the devs actually enjoy and play the sport of volleyball and put actual effort into this game. Great game for volleyball fans. volleyball game that’s both arcade ish and realistic, just practicing spikes in training is relaxing, and I love the visual novel in the story, simple but effective, hope you plan to add some stuff, if not still worth the money FOR SURE. (Oh yeah you contract players too to get higher attributed players) This game was very well made even though there have been some issues but overall this game was worth it. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition

The Spike Free Download Repacklab

the game play, characters, story, ui are all well made and well developed. This game deserves all the positive reviews and more and with the creator or the team working on this game coming back due to one of them coming back from the military. I hope that they are pleased with what they have accomplished and I also hope that because of this we get a new update with new features such as multiplayer, more s tiers, characters As someone who plays volleyball, this is probably the closest to a volleyball game you are gonna get. It’s very addicting, the story is simple, but very enjoyable. It is very addicting and had me grinding to shoot for an S class player. Hopefully multiplayer gets released soon, and I really hope they add more dlc, maybe for a middle blocker story.

create your own costume

It’s an amazing game but after buying everything and completing everything i think it’s safe to recommend some of these ideas i have in mind…First off we need a create your own costume, hair, shoes, and customizable skin tones. Like have an option where you can create your own costumes and their colours, the other stuff like the stripes on the costumes or just anything that can allow you to make your own costume and you’re able to save it as part of the clothing slots. Same goes for the hair and shoes where you can customize the looks and colours like have siwoo’s hair but you’re able to change the colour to whatever you want. Then the skin tones too where you can have different races in the game.(meaning a potential world wide tournament. WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain

The Spike Free Download Repacklab

where you can select what country the team is from and on which country you want to do the tournament on. Or you can do an Olympic like style where it’s countries vs countries. These features I believe would make the game so much more better, especially if you add Multiplayer mode. regardless great game but these features would improve the game and I’d be happy to see any of these happen. or anything would be fun to be honest. Really looking forward to what the game has in store, and I highly recommend this game! The multiplayer gives a feeling of pure and utter intensity. I wish this game got more attention. I wish it had PVP 2v2s. It is so much fun! Very good.

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Game is good, Story: fun interesting, Gamplay: Fun interactive complex and simple at the same time Customization: Characters skins and ability great customization options for a single dev to make. Improvements id like to see: MB STORY. 3v3 where everyone controls each position no ai. online competitive multiplayer (no ai) Online multiplayer story Ive looked everywhere for online multiplayer volleyball games and the best one i could find was on roblox :(. So when i saw this on steam for the first time thought it was kinda silly and not worth it just like every other vball game ive played. I was pleasantly surprised when i booted this game for the first time and not only were the mechanics interesting it had its own 2-d take on the format packed with interesting story and customization. Circuit Superstars

The Spike Free Download Repacklab

for stats and skins this game is a must play for all vball fans (haikyuu fans aswell!). Ive essentially completed everything there is to do in the game so as for rn there isnt a lot of replay ability so i thought i’d think of some things that could the creator could add to increase replay ability as well as some things that i’d like to see added. A super obvious one is online multiplayer, after completing both the stories and getting enough vballs for the S rank characters that u like playing there isnt really much to do, Thats where i think online multiplayer could help but b4 i get there let me talk about another idea i had that builds ontop of that. Adding a 3rd controllable character. for eg being able to have 3 separate people control mb se and ws, that would create more interesting and complex defence.

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The Spike DX

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Processor: Any processor w/ a clock rate of 2 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: CPU-integrated or on-board graphics
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 120 MB available space