Tiny Combat Arena Free Download

Tiny Combat Arena Free Download Repacklab

Tiny Combat Arena Free Download Repacklab Tiny Combat Arena is an approachable combat flight simulator sporting a stylized look and various game modes. Dogfight your way in the Arena and in Quick Action or craft your own scenarios and take part in a vast war with objectives and friendly armies to support.So it’s unsurprising that Tiny Combat Arena is about Harriers of the cold and featherless kind. The one-person dev team behind the air-to-air combat simulator is apparently in love with the floaty-shooty jumping jet, so much so that it’s the only type of plane available to fly in the game’s early access release. The retro-styled sim lets you pore over the low-poly plane as it rests in the hangar, to rest your chin in your hands as you lovingly scroll through its various specifications. SEXY GAMES

Tiny Combat Arena Free Download Repacklab

inspecting its payload like you’re checking a dog over for ticks. As a self-described labour-of-love, Tiny Combat Arena beams with uncynical excitement for planes, and you can’t help but come along for the ride. The Harrier jump jet is beloved among sky-geeks with good reason too: this weirdo plane was invented nearer to the Moon landing than it was to the internet, and stands today as testament to what the world’s smartest engineers can do when given infinite sums of money to think of a way to hide a plane behind a small cloud in the 1960s. Notably, the plane can take off and land vertically thanks to vectored thrust, or pointable nozzles to use the technical term. This allows the aircraft to hide out in forest clearings, mountainous terrain, and behind large billboards, popping up to take enemy forces by surprise.

What is the experience of Tiny Combat Arena?

Tiny Combat Arena is a labor-of-love combat flight simulator that aims to strike the perfect balance between a simulator and an approachable, customizable, air combat experience. All executed in a stylized look representing a fictional Cold War-era conflict. Sim-lite combat flight model Tiny Combat Arena is all about the fun factor of flying, dogfighting, and close air support. Simulation elements are added to the game in service of creating engaging and deep gameplay, never just for the sake of realism. Simulation inspired mechanics, such as boosting a missile’s range by launching from above your target, create a new range of tactics for you to explore. Quick Mission Builder Tiny Combat Arena lets you jump in and fly by quickly assembling various types of missions. Lock On Modern Air Combat 

Tiny Combat Arena Free Download Repacklab

Take a placid stroll around beautiful scenery, configure a team vs team dogfight against aircraft of your choosing, or strike objectives with ground units to attack and support. Arena Mode Plan your moves on the strategic map; pick objectives, identify threats, choose which units to support, and where to make a difference. There is a war going on around you, and your participation will affect its outcome. Detailed and useful database The in-game database provides players with not only detailed statistics on vehicles, aircraft, and weapons, but also to give tactical guidance on how to approach different aircraft and respond to different threats. The technology was even briefly considered for use in commercial flights, presumably until a sensible person entered the room and put a stop to that.

Retro gaming fun

I’m trying to decide what retro game Tiny Combat Arena most reminds me of. Some of you may have different answers but I think for me its probably F-15 Strike Eagle II or F-19 Stealth Fighter. Both of those were classic MicroProse titles back when they released in the 1990s and I suppose it’s no small wonder that the new MicroProse decided to pick Tiny Combat Arena up as a publisher of the title. Tiny Combat Arena mimics both the gameplay as well as the visual style of these old games. For me, its been a bit of an odd experience to take my newly built PC with a new 4K display and run a game that was takes us back to the day where a 480p monitor was considered high resolution. But run it does and it looks really good in 4K. In a retro way anyways. ACE COMBAT 7 SKIES UNKNOWN

Tiny Combat Arena Free Download Repacklab

The interface leans into that retro feel as well with simple lines and crisp, hard edged text. When it comes to controllers, Tiny Combat Arena is simple enough to control with a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad. But it can also be hooked up to high end HOTAS and joysticks as well. OpenTrack also works very well with this title so it really does have modern hardware support. The key binding experience was functional and clearly based on modern combat sims. You do have to go and bind everything that you want to bind and there are some limitations that I wouldn’t mind having lifted such as adding a landing gear up and gear down bind as well as something similar for the flaps. One last fun fact about the Harrier jump jet.


Tiny Combat Arena comes with a couple of modes. There’s a Quick Battle mode which gets you up and flying quickly. It has a couple of scenarios contained within with a Freeflight, a Dogfight and a Strike mode. You can start these missions from the Ramp, from the Runway or in the Air so the choice is really yours as to how quickly you want to get into the action. The second mode is called ‘Arena Demo’ and its a bigger more objective mode that involves helping your forces push forward while preventing enemy forces from doing the same. Both air and ground assets are involved and you have to work to change the tide of battle. Currently only one aircraft is available to fly and that’s the AV-8B Harrier. It comes with air to air or air to ground loadouts. Binary Domain

Tiny Combat Arena Free Download Repacklab

and those loadouts contain a mix of reasonably accurate loads of AIM-9 Sidewinders, MK83 bombs, and Rockeye Cluster Bombs. There’s also the GAU-12 25mm cannon and ammo pod mounted under the aircraft. It’s worth noting that this is not Ace Combat and you have a realistic loadout of gun and munition supplies that are expended and do not magically reappear on the jet mid-flight. Flying the AV-8B is fairly straightforward. The aircraft is a little less responsive than I’d like and I’ve not been able to stall it. It also seems to react a little oddly to my throttle and VTOL axis controls at times (not registering and then registering all at once). Some of that simplicity is by design and likely to ensure that it’s easy to fly when you’re using a gamepad or the mouse.

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10
Processor: x86, x64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Graphics: DX10, DX11, DX12 capable
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 1024 MB available space