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Trigon: Space Story Free Download Repacklab

Trigon: Space Story Free Download Repacklab Trigon: Space Story is a roguelike single-player game that focuses heavily on strategy. Dive into a gripping story campaign that sees you commanding your own spaceship and deciding what sort of captain you want to be: a ruthless barbarian, an adventurous fortune hunter, or the hero the galaxy so desperately needs. In Trigon: Space Story, you’ll have a devastating arsenal of up to 100 different weapons at your disposal—including lasers, turrets, plasma cannons, space bombs and combat drones. You can pause the game at any time so you don’t lose sight of things in the heat of battle. But it’s on you to make the right tactical decisions and capitalize on your crew’s skills—because death is permanent! Only by experimenting with various strategies will you be able to master the challenging combat. SEXY GAMES

Trigon: Space Story Free Download Repacklab

situations you must face as captain. Choose from a large selection of spaceships: Will you start your journey in a classic human spaceship, an energy-efficient Etari model, a bio-mechanical Rakkhi vessel or a high-tech Taertikon craft? As captain, you’re responsible for upgrading the weapons systems and board technology. You can use any resources you obtain to boost your ship’s weaponry. The crew remains the heart of your ship; skilfully deployed, they will give you the edge you need to win battles. Assign your crew important tasks and always keep their strengths and weaknesses in mind, so that everything runs like clockwork in your next encounter. Don’t hesitate over moral decisions—space doesn’t forgive mistakes!

You’ll have the freedom to roam the galaxy on your conquest campaign

visit space stations, explore abandoned colonies and capture resources. Along the way, you’ll encounter four different races, each with their own characteristics, technologies and philosophies. Gain experience through quests, sudden events and tactical space battles and bring your newly acquired skills to bear against your enemies. The procedurally generated universe and dynamic events guarantee you a refreshingly different adventure every time. This, along with a sophisticated endless game mode, makes Trigon: Space Story highly replayable. Roguelike indie title with a sci-fi setting, Action-packed tactical space battles, Thrilling single-player story campaign, High replayability with procedurally generated universe Endless decision-making possibilities Game Dev Story

Trigon: Space Story Free Download Repacklab

x-likes: roguelike, Soulslike etc. Trigon: Space Story fits the FTL-like description perfectly as it adheres almost completely to the style, interface and basic gameplay loop of Subset Games’ famous game, adding some new elements but clearly targeting the audience that logged hundreds of hours traversing dangerous sectors and engaging in countless spaceship battles. So the basic question for this review is rather simple: Can Trigon: Space Story also replicate the addictiveness of FTL or will it join the pile of would-be imitators that failed to come close to the original? For those who haven’t had the chance to play the modern classic called FTL, and I urge you to do so immediately because the game is really great, in Trigon: Space Story you take the role of a starship captain who has to cross star systems full of dangers and enemies without ending up as..

Trigon: Space Story Gameplay

If you have seen or played FTL, you basically have the concept for Trigon. While there is less urgency to your quest, it follows the same formula of jumping into a sector, engaging with an event or an enemy, managing your resources, and jumping closer to your goal. Unfortunately for Trigon, it really didn’t feel like it broke the mold in any way. Managing your cargo can be annoying, space stations are either few and far between or right next to each other, and getting blown up is a regular occurrence. So regular, that I couldn’t believe that I was playing the game on the standard difficulty. Enemy ships will regularly surprise you with fully kitted ships, multiple missiles and lasers, and even squads of enemies that will teleport onto your ship and kill your crew. Spaceflight Simulator

Trigon: Space Story Free Download Repacklab

Multiple times I’ve found myself with a nicely upgraded ship and crew, just having beaten a boss ship, and a random encounter enemy hits me with missiles that cause damage to multiple sections of my ship. With everything suddenly exploding, I’m unable to escape and lose everything and have to go boot up another game from the start. To clarify, the gameplay isn’t bad. It’s simply okay. I never found myself “wowed” over something or wanting to dig deeper into a story or game mechanic. Progression is so asymmetrical and difficult to track that my whole goal simply became gaming the system to win as best I could, and still failing. The procedurally generated universe being new every time meant that I needed to get lucky on a run not to be blown to smithereens or run out of fuel and supplies.

Trigon offers both campaign and Free Play

Trigon offers both campaign and Free Play but the roguelite element is very strong in both modes. Even in the campaigns where each race’s objectives are specific, the events you encounter and the location of the objectives are random, resulting in each run being completely unique. Of course the permadeath element for a roguelite goes without saying: if your ship is destroyed you’ll see the game over screen and have to start over. However, a failed run is not a waste of time because, in addition to the experience gained, most of your actions result in unlocking better equipment that will be available for purchase in subsequent runs. Beyond the campaigns, another notable difference between Trigon and FTL is the ticking clock factor. Project MIKHAIL: A Muv-Luv War Story

Trigon: Space Story Free Download Repacklab

In FTL the enemy fleet was constantly on your tail so you had to quickly escape each sector before they caught up with you. In contrast in Trigon, staying in a sector progressively increases your bounty resulting in more and more dangerous combat encounters, but no one prevents you from exploring all the star systems in each sector if you can afford it. In fact, I would say that especially for the first two sectors, thorough exploration is the best strategy to gather resources and better equipment before moving on to the more dangerous areas. Otherwise, Trigon’s interface and gameplay is so similar to FTL that the adjustment time is almost zero. A tutorial is of course offered for new players, although the real knowledge will be gained through… a lot of mistakes and deaths.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Story – Deluxe DLC Deluxe Edition Steam Sub 514758 Steam Sub 425097 Steam Sub 425096

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7
Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T / Intel G3220
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: AMD HD 7870 / GTX 660 2GB
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 3 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 1500X / Intel Core i3-9100
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: AMDRX 5500XT / GTX 1060
Storage: 3 GB available space